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How to complete the BitLife Birthday Challenge

How to complete the BitLife Birthday Challenge

This weekend marks the celebration of BitLife’s third birthday, as it’s been roughly three years since the game’s release on iOS. As always, BitLife is here with another weekly challenge, and this time, you’ll need to make yourself part of the BitLife team and do your best to represent them. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the BitLife Birthday Challenge, including how to join the BitLife team and buy your friend a Bitizenship.

How to complete the BitLife Birthday Challenge

Here are the requirements for the BitLife Birthday Challenge:

  1. Be born in the United States in September.
  2. Join the BitLife team.
  3. Post 10+ BitLife videos on YouTube.
  4. Buy your best friend Bitizenship.

First thing’s first; you will need to be born in the United States in September since BitLife was first released on September 29, 2018, and Candywriter is a US-based company out of Florida. Pick Miami, Florida as your birthplace, since that’s where the company is located, and it will help you with the next part.

How to join the BitLife Team

Next, you’ll need to figure out a way to join the BitLife team. Luckily, this is pretty easy if you know what you’re doing. It will help if you have some decent smarts because you will want to snag a computer science degree from any University. Make sure to major in computer science, and once you graduate, it’s time to start looking for jobs. Remember, BitLife is a Florida-based company, so make sure you’re living in Miami to increase your odds.

Tap on the Occupation button, and select the Jobs option to browse the listing for full-time jobs. You want to look for a full-time job as a Jr. App Developer or any related position. The important part here is that your Employer is BitLife. It may take you a bit to find the proper job listing, so get ready to restart your app a few times or age up a couple of years and re-check the listings.

Post BitLife videos on YouTube

For the next requirement, you need to post at least ten BitLife videos on YouTube. Go into your assets and sign up for a YouTube account. When you have an account, go to post a video and choose BitLife from the video category dropdown. Do this at least ten times to get credit for the objective.

Buy your best friend a Bitizenship

Finally, you’ll need to buy your best friend a Bitizenship. To do this, make sure your friendship levels are high enough to become best friends with someone. When you accomplish that, you can gift them a Bitizenship since you work for BitLife and have access to some special perks. Simply go into the relationships tab, tap on the friend, choose Gift, and find Bitizenship from the dropdown.

That’s how to complete the BitLife Birthday Challenge! For more related content and guides, you can check out our website’s BitLife section.

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