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BitLife: Bijuu Mike Challenge

How to complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife

BitLife is here with another weekly challenge, and this time we’re living the life of internet sensation Bijuu Mike. For those not in the know, Bijuu Mike is a YouTuber with over three million subscribers. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Bijuu Mike challenge in BitLife, including how to make a viral BitLife video and how to achieve 3+ million subscribers.

How to complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife, follow these steps:

  • Be born a male in the United States
  • Make a viral BitLife video
  • Go 50+ years without posting another BitLife video
  • Achieve 3+ million subscribers on YouTube

Two of four of these objectives are very simple, so need no explanation. The thing to focus on for this particular challenge is making a viral BitLife video and achieving the three million subscriber count on YouTube. 

Starting things off, you’ll want to start a new life as a male in the United States. You can also continue an existing life if you have one with the proper requirements. However, if you choose to continue a saved life, make sure they are young because you’ll need to go fifty years without posting a BitLife video to YouTube.

Age up to around thirteen or fourteen years old, and make a YouTube account by going into assets. Make sure only to post BitLife videos, and you can do this three times per year for maximum efficiency. Viral videos are random, so keep posting them until you finally have one become a hit. Depending on your luck, there’s a good chance you hit the three million subscriber mark before you have a video go viral.

If you get too big too fast without a viral video, it can actually become harder to get a video to go viral. The reason is that each of your videos will already get somewhere around one million views, leaving not much room left for it to go viral on its own. So if you get too many subscribers too quickly, you may need to start over and try again in a new life.

If you do manage to get a viral BitLife video early on in your YouTube career, you can then switch away from BitLife to another topic. The challenge says nothing about quitting YouTube for 50 years, just BitLife videos. Continue growing your channel, but switch to something like gaming and continue building up your brand. When it’s been fifty years since your viral BitLife video, you’ll complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge.

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