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Bitlife 420 Challenge Guide

BitLife 420 Challenge Guide
BitLife 420 Challenge Guide

Bitlife is celebrating April 20 with some 420 challenges. We decided to make a guide to walk you through all of the requirements so you can learn how to easily complete the Bitlife 420 Challenge. There are five different requirements you have to try and complete, and they are all easily doable with these tips and tricks.

Bitlife 420 Challenge Requirements

  • Be born somewhere where recreational marijuana is legal
  • Be a farmer
  • Have a daughter named Maryjane
  • Have a perfect relationship with Maryjane
  • Be on a Hot Cheetos diet for 30+ years

Be Born Somewhere Where Recreational Marijuana is Legal

You have a few options to choose from when it comes to countries where recreational marijuana is legal. You can choose from the United States or Canada, but there are also many other options available.

Be A Farmer

All you need to do to be a farmer is to choose the profession from the list. When jobs open up for you, look for Farmer on the list, and if you can’t find it just keep moving forward in time and checking again. If you lose your job as a farmer, you’ll need to restart if you can’t get it back.

Have A Daughter Named Maryjane

To knock this one off the list, you just need to have a daughter and change her name to Maryjane. There’s a few different ways you can have kids in Bitlife, so you can either get married or start sleeping around.

Have A Perfect Relationship with Maryjane

Nurture and maintain a perfect relationship with Maryjane. Spend time with her, compliment her, have conversations with her, take her to the movie theater, and give her gifts.

Be on A Hot Cheetos Diet For 30+ Years

The most important thing for this requirement is to make sure you have enough money for the Cheetos. Get yourself in a relationship early on, because being on a Hot Cheetos diet for 30+ years takes its toll on your looks and health. From the Mind and Body screen, you can choose the Hot Cheetos diet.

You will need to make sure to do activities for your health such as Meditating, Martial Arts, Gym, and Walks. Do these to maintain your health so the Hot Cheetos diet doesn’t end up killing you.

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