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Hollow Knight – All Bosses in Order (and Where To Find Them)

Kill your enemies chronologically!
Hollow Knight Boss Battle
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Hollow Knight is by no means a new game, but its popularity refuses to decline, even as it ages. This unique metroidvania game features a non-linear narrative, so it’s perfect for those who like taking their time with games. This game is built around strategy and is packed with action, its adorable art style is only an added bonus! Hollow Knight is an awesome game to explore, but Hollow Knight’s bosses are a whole other story.

Since Hollow Knight’s progression isn’t linear, you need to defeat bosses to progress at all in the game. Similar to Elden Ring, there’s no linear order in which players must defeat the bosses. These bosses, although unassuming, can really catch players off guard with their strength and combat strategies. Once a boss is defeated, however, new areas in the game become accessible and you can further progress in the game! If you want to progress in Hollow Knight but aren’t sure what order you should tackle the bosses in, keep reading to discover which bosses to defeat and where to find them!

All Bosses in Order and Where to Find Them

Hollow Knight is an amazing game for those who love to explore; it features a beautiful wide-open map and allows players to explore each area mostly at their own pace. Because of this, there’s really not a set chronological order players must fight the bosses in. The bosses in Hollow Knight are no joke, however, so although the free range game design is appreciated, many players crave at least a little bit of direction. If the absence of linear progression in Hollow Knight frustrates you, try tackling the bosses in this order:

  • The False Knight – Encountered in the middle of the Forgotten Crossroads.
  • The Gruz Mother – Encountered at the bottom of the Forgotten Crossroads.
  • Vengefly King – Encountered at the start of the Greenpath.
  • Hornet Protector – Encountered in the beginning of the Greenpath.
  • Massive Moss Charger – Encountered along Pilgrim’s Way in the Greenpath.
  • The Mantis Lords – Encountered at the bottom of the Fungal Wastes in Mantis Village.
  • Soul Warrior – Encountered in the Soul Sanctum.
    • There are actually two soul warriors in the Soul Sanctum. One protects the main entrance to the upper area of the Sanctum, and the other can only be accessed if the player has the Elegant Key.
  • Soul Master – Encountered in the upper area of the Soul Sanctum.
  • Dung Defender – Encountered in the Eastern area of the Royal Waterways.
  • Flukemarm – Encountered at the Southeast area of the Royal Waterways.
  • Broken Vessel – Encountered in the West portion of the Ancient Basin.
  • Crystal Guardian – Encountered on a bench in Crystal Peak.
  • Brooding Mawlek – Encountered in the Forgotten Crossroads.
  • Traitor Lord – Encountered in the upper area of the Queen’s Gardens.
    • Player’s must use the Shade Cloak ability to access this boss.
  • Watcher Knights – Encountered in the Watcher’s Spire.
  • Uumuu – Encountered in the Teacher’s Archives.
  • The Collector – Encountered in the Tower of Love by accessing a locked door in the Kingdom’s Edge area.
    • Player’s will need the Love Key from the Queen’s Gardens to access this boss.
  • Hornet Sentinal – Encountered in the Eastern portion of Kingdom’s Edge.
  • Nosk – Encountered in Deepnest.
    • This boss is located behind a breakable wall directly West of the Hot Springs Chamber.
  • Hive Knight – Encountered in the Eastern portion of The Hive.
  • Oblobbles – Encountered as the final bosses in the Trial of the Conquerer, the second trial in the Colosseum of Fools.
  • God Tamer – Encountered as the final boss in the Trial of the Fool trial in the Colosseum of Fools.
  • The Hollow Knight – Encountered in the Temple of the Black Egg in the Forgotten Crossroads.
    • Players must defeat all three Dreamers before accessing this boss.
  • The Radiance – Encountered in the Temple of the Black Egg in the Forgotten Crossroads.
    • Players can only access this boss if you, during the previous battle, use Dream Nail on The Hollow Knight when Hornet gives you an opening to do so.

People who loved games like Elden Ring and Castlevania will love playing Hollow Knight! Hollow Knight isn’t necessarily a difficult game, but its metroidvania style can be confusing if you’re not expecting it. There are many games similar to Hollow Knight if you’re looking for something new to beat; check out Metroid Dread or Blasphemous if you want something more challenging!

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