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Best Weapon for Agility Build in Lords of the Fallen

For those who want fast-paced melee weapons, or a bow to shoot at a distance
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Another month, another new souls-like game has hit the shelves in the form of Lords of the Fallen. Lords of the Fallen looks to put a different spin on the genre by allowing players to traverse the world of the living and the dead. As it is with most of these games, players will want to beef up their character as soon as possible. For some, this means stacking all their level-ups into something like strength. But if you’re looking to be the fastest Dark Crusader this side of Mournstead, you’re probably stacking dexterity, otherwise known as Agility, in this game. So let’s cleanse the Radiant Beacons and take a look at the best weapon for Agility build in Lords of the Fallen.

Best Early Game Weapon for Agility Build in Lords of the Fallen

Best Weapon for Agility Builds in Lords of the Fallen fire
Image via HEXWORKS/CI Games

In Lords of the Fallen, like other souls-likes, there are certain weapons that can only be equipped by speccing into a certain stat. Agility is no different, with your defensive stat scaling with it. For this guide, we’ll be showing you two different Agility weapons: one that you can obtain early on and one meant more for the end of the game. For the early-game agility weapon, you’ll want to go ahead and get the Hollowed Praise weapon.

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Requiring 12 Agility to equip, you can find the Hollowed Praise in Pilgrim’s Perch shortly after unlocking the shortcut to the first Vestige. You’ll need to use the emergency effigy to go into the Axiom, go up a ladder, traverse across a swinging platform, and defeat the enemies on the other side. In between the corpses of enemies you’ve defeated, you should see a weapon sticking out of a dead person. Grab it, and you’ll earn yourself the Hollowed Praise. This weapon has a C- in Agility scaling and can slot 3 runes of Agility, Radiance, and Agility, respectively.

Best End-Game Weapon for Agility Build in Lords of the Fallen

Fast-forward a bit, and we’re going to take a look at the best end-game weapon for Agility build in Lords of the Fallen. One of the best weapons you can get to carry you to the end of the game is the Assassin’s Bow. Furthermore, the Assassin’s Bow requires 20 agility to wield and is a perfect weapon if you don’t want to get too close to any enemies. The bow is located in the Tower of Penance on the second to last level of the tower. Finally, the weapon has a B- in Agility scaling and no rune slots.

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