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Best Ways to Play Twitch in Rainbow Six Siege

Twitch can use her toys really well.
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Twitch, also known by her real name Emmanuelle Pichon, is one of the operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Her specialty is the usage of Shock Drones, which can destroy enemy gadgets, offensive and defensive alike. Drones can also gather information about enemy units, which makes Twitch one of the most popular operators.

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Twitch Operator Overview

Twitch is a universal attack operator who can be both an entry-fragger and support. What role you will give to her usually depends on squad composition, mission objective, and individual preference.

Loadout Options

Twitch has very versatile loadout options, which support her aggressive playstyle. The primary weapons palette consists of F2 Assault Rifle, 417 Marksman Rifle, and SG-CQB Shotgun. The vast majority of the players pick F2 as Twitch’s primary weapon for a reason. F2 is an extremely effective assault rifle with a great rate of fire and damage per bullet ratio. If you’re able to control the recoil, you will get a great tool for eliminating the opposition.

The secondary weapons of choice are the P9 Handgun and the LFP586 Handgun. Out of these two, I would recommend P9 because it works really well with F2, creating a highly aggressive loadout. Also, P9 has more bullets in the magazine, so it’s a better option when you run out of ammo on your primary weapon.

As for universal gadgets, Twitch can choose between two Smoke grenades and two Claymores. Out of these, we would recommend smokes because of their general usefulness in tough situations when you need to interrupt your opponents’ line of sight. However, you shouldn’t overlook how Claymores can help you in runouts.

Twitch’s Utility Overview

Twitch is specialized in anti-defense mechanisms. Her Utility is a Shock Drone, a machine that can enter the structures, and fire tasers that disable and destroy various enemy gadgets. Her Shocking Drones are quite helpful, especially when you consider how many gadgets she can destroy while staying safe. Be aware, though, that Shock Drones don’t have infinite tasers. After using up all three of the tasers that Shocking Drones gives you, you will have to wait a short while to get more.

Tips and Strategies for Twitch

The Shocking Drones have to be used carefully. Tasers are very limited, so you have to use them at the appropriate moment, sneaking up on defenders and firing when they least expect it. In Rainbow Six Siege, every bit of information is valuable. In that manner, you can use drone holes to explore the area in any way you choose. Just remember to conceal them when you’re done.

Twitch can play as a support very effectively, thanks to her Shock Drone utility, which destroys enemies’ defensive gadgets, giving the advantage to the attackers. On the other side, Twitch is also a great entry-fragger because of her very strong gun loadout, especially the F2. No matter the role you put her into, Twitch will prove herself a very valuable team member.

Twitch is frequently chosen for her rifle loadouts alone, but her special Shock drones can help the entire team as well. For more Rainbow Six Siege operator guides, you can check out our Best Strategies for Iana in Rainbow Six Siege.

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