How to Use Vulkan in Rainbow Six Siege?

Learn how to use Vulkan in your favorite team-based shooter!
Rainbow Six Siege Operators
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I still fondly remember when Rainbow Six: Siege launched, with only a handful of operators to select and a few maps to run through multiple times. Now, here we are, years later and with Vulkan support. What is Vulkan? A Graphics Application Programming Interface (API) available for Rainbow Six: Siege players with low-end systems to experience the same smooth gameplay as everyone else. It’s an opportunity to expand the community. But it’s not entirely clear. Here is how to use Vulkain Rainbow Six: Siege!

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How to Use Vulkan in Rainbow Six Siege

First and foremost, we’ll provide you with a full rundown on how to launch Rainbow Six: Siege using Vulkan for the best performance. It’s pretty straightforward, thanks to Ubisoft Connect.

  • Open Ubisoft Connect and select Rainbow Six: Siege. (Yes, even if you purchased the game through Steam, follow these instructions for Ubisoft Connect).
  • Select ‘Play’ to open the drop-down navigation menu.
  • Here, choose Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege — Vulkan.

In a separate instance, the Vulkan launcher will handle the load of the game, thereby reducing the work your CPU performs to run Rainbow Six: Siege. Occasionally, Vulkan will swap to the GPU to better enhance performance.

Should You Use Vulkan?

Rainbow Six: Siege Offense
Image via Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

Whether or not you use Vulkan is entirely dependent on your system specifications. If you’re running a low-end computer, specifically with an outdated CPU and GPU setup, you’ll likely want to load up Vulkan to help run the game smoothly.

In doing so, you’ll enjoy a nice boost in FPS, which is critical in a first-person shooter like Rainbow Six: Siege.

But if your system handles the minimum or recommended requirements just fine, continue using the same old launcher for the game. It’s the better choice overall.

A Note On Using Vulkan

Let’s say you do want to use Vulkan in Rainbow Six: Siege, then ensure your graphics drivers are up-to-date:

  • AMD 20.1.4 (or newer)
  • Intel (or newer)
  • Nvidia 441.87 (or newer)

It’s always sound advice to update your graphics drivers regularly for optimal performance!

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