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Best Ways to Make Money in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Let the Ryo roll in.
like a dragon ishin chicken race
Image via Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio/Sega

In all Yakuza/Like a Dragon games, money is the universal language. You need money to buy medicine and equipment, you need money to partake in certain mini-games, and you need money to maximize your own abilities. This is true for Like a Dragon: Ishin as well, so it’s time to start investing. Here are the best ways to make money in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

Best Ways to Make Money in Like a Dragon: Ishin

There are various ways to grind up Ryo and Mon in Like a Dragon: Ishin, and if you want to afford all of the game’s best stuff, you’ll want to make extensive use of all of them. Of course, in order to utilize these features, you’ll probably need some seed money yourself, so let’s start small.

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To begin with, the best way to make money early on is to hock stuff at Ebisu Pawn. Occasionally, when completing sub-stories, spinning the Prize Wheel, and even just at complete random, you’ll pick up valuable plates. These can be sold at a pawnshop for a decent sum of cash, and as long as you don’t spend it all, it’ll add up at a decent rate. Additionally, if you ever spot some thugs roaming around town, feel free to pound them into the dirt for some extra pocket change.

Money with Mini-Games

like a dragon ishin pawn inventory
Image via Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio/Sega

Once you’ve got a decently-sized purse to start, it’s time to start investing. First and foremost, Another Life. The game’s secondary farm management mode can net you a pretty sizable income after a little start-up. Once Haruka’s debt is paid off, you can use her delivery services to send crops, materials, and food all around. As long as you get the orders right, you’ll net a huge payment, and all you need to do to facilitate this is keep farming, cooking, catching fish, and so on.

If you’re more in the mood for gambling, your moneymaking venture of choice should be the chicken races. There’s a particular system you can use to ensure greater payouts, provided you have at least 30 Ryo to burn.

  1. Turn 30 Ryo into tags and save your game
  2. Check the chickens in the running to see which ones have the best performance expectation and condition
  3. Go to the dividend bets and split your tags amongst all the tickets that have your ideal chicken in first place
  4. Assuming your chosen chicken wins, at least one of those tickets will win, which will pay out exponentially
  5. Repeat this process until you have lots of tags, then trade them in for Platinum Plates and sell those at the pawnshop

It’s not an infallible system, but hey, that’s what save scumming is for. As long as you’ve got the cash and the patience, you can make some mad bank on those feathery devils.

For more moneymaking ventures in Like a Dragon: Ishin, check out our guides on accessing the farm and where to use Prize Tickets. Visit our Facebook page as well for more news and guides.

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