Best Void Warlock Build for Destiny 2 Lightfall - Subclass screen.
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Best Void Warlock Build for Destiny 2 Lightfall

When in doubt, blow it up.

I’m giving you what I consider to be the best Void Warlock build for Destiny 2 Lightfall. The DLC has changed the game for build crafting – and I’m excited for Void in particular. Thanks to a Fragment added in Season 20, everyone’s Void builds just got a lot better, including Warlocks.

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I’ll be going over the Void build I’ve been running on my Warlock since the 3.0 update. This has helped me through Grandmasters, Master Raids, and more – so it’s tried and tested (except for the new kit).

Destiny 2 Lightfall – Best Void Warlock Build


Chaos Accelerant Aspect.
Image via Bungie
  • Chaos Accelerant.

Chaos Accelerant is the first Aspect in this best Void Warlock build for Destiny 2 Lightfall. It’s sort of what powers this entire build, giving our grenades the power they need to perform at a high-end PvE level.

With this Aspect equipped, you’ll be able to overcharge your Void grenades. Each grenade gets a specific overcharge buff. The only one we’re interested in is Vortex, though.

Vortex grenades are larger, and last longer – making them deal a boatload of damage, especially combined with something like Witherhoard. It outperforms all the other grenades inside the PvE sandbox and is really what makes this Void Warlock build feel as good as it does.

  • Feed The Void.

Feed The Void is where this build’s survivability comes from. It’s a simple Aspect – granting you Devour anytime you kill an enemy with a Void ability. Given that we’re leaning into grenades, this is a natural fit.

We’ll be doing what we can to keep our grenade uptime as high as possible, so you should almost always have access to Devour for whenever you need it.

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Best Void Warlock Build for Destiny 2 Lightfall - Echo of Cessation.
Image via Bungie
  • Echo of Remnants.

Given our reliance on Vortex Grenades in this Void Warlock build, our Fragments almost pick themselves. We only have three slots to play with, and there are three incredible grenade-based Void Fragments. We’re using two of those Fragments, starting with Echo of Remnants.

This is going to let your grenades last longer, on top of the overcharge benefit we get from Chaos Accelerant. These two combined turn our Vortexes into mini-nukes.

  • Echo of Instability.

Echo of Instability is going to give our Void weapons Volatile Rounds every time we get a grenade kill. Now, this does limit you to using Void primaries – but it’s more than worth it for the synergy.

If we put everything in this build together so far, we get – Vortex Grenades that are larger and last incredibly long, give us Devour on kill, and give us Volatile Rounds on kill.

That’s about as much value as you’re ever going to get out of a grenade in Destiny 2.

  • Echo of Cessation.

Lastly, we have the Echo of Cessation Fragment added to Destiny 2 with Lightfall. This Fragment has two effects, but the first is so mediocre it’s not even worth reading.

What we’re interested in is the fact that this spawns Void Breaches every time you kill an enemy afflicted by Volatile. This means that on top of everything they already do, our grenades will enable us to spawn Breaches, therefore increasing its own grenade regeneration.

Echo of Cessation has a lot of potential – particularly with Void Hunters as a survival tool. If you’re a Void fan like I am, it’s worth experimenting with.


Best Void Warlock Build for Destiny 2 Lightfall - Nezarec's Sin.
Image via Bungie

You’ve actually got quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to gear with this build. While you will have to run a Void primary, your Exotic options are wide open.

Weapon-wise, Witherhoard works wonders with Vortex Grenades. Vortexes suck enemies into their center, trapping them. So, if you throw a Witherhoard shot on top of your nade, you’ll be dealing genuinely stupid damage for its duration – nothing that isn’t a boss will survive this.

For your Exotic, you have three choices:

  • Verity’s Brow.
  • Contraverse Hold.
  • Nezarec’s Sin.

Verity’s Brow is arguably the strongest of the three, tied with Nezarec’s Sin depending on what activity you’re running. This will give you +10% grenade damage and regen per Void kill, up to five stacks. If you thought your grenades were dealing insane damage before – you’ve seen nothing yet.

Contraverse Hold isn’t too strong. It gives you improved overcharge, granting a shield while you’re charging and refunding grenade energy when you hit something with the nade. This is suboptimal, but it’s a decent option for those light on Exotics.

Lastly, and my personal favorite – Nezarec’s Sin. This Exotic acts similarly to Verity’s Brow. It grants a buff for Void Kills, Abyssal Extractors in this case. This buff lasts 2.5 seconds and is extended by killing more enemies up to 20 seconds. While the buff is active, you have 300% base grenade and melee regen, and 200% base class and super regen.

The one thing this build has been lacking up to now is a way to manage our uptime. Nezarec’s Sin, along with Devour, is enough to entirely take care of that problem.


Image via Bungie

We really don’t have too much to play with inside the new Destiny 2 mod system – especially without Seasonal Perks. It’s so light, in fact, that there are just three mods you need to be focusing on:

  • Grenade Kickstart.
  • Charged Up.
  • Stacks on Stacks.

Charged Up will allow you to hold more Armor Charges, and Stacks on Stacks will give you an extra charge every time you pick up an Orb.

These two are both funneling directly into Grenade Kickstart. This mod will refund a portion of your grenade energy when you throw it, and then more energy by consuming your Armor Charges. The more charges, the more energy.

This is the cherry on top of our grenade engine. Combined with Nezarec’s Sin and Devour, this will have us tossing overpowered Void mini-nukes constantly, generating Void Breaches that give us even more grenade energy for our troubles.

That’s it for this best Void Warlock build for Destiny 2 Lightfall. For more build guides like this, follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook – we’ll help you navigate through this new build system.