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Best Tight Ends in Madden NFL 23

Want to see if your favorite TE cracked our list? Find out below!
Madden 23 screenshot of bengals player getting tackled by rams players
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Despite being the most versatile position in football, tight ends are also one of the most overlooked positions in Madden NFL 23. Which is interesting considering that almost every Super Bowl champion of the last decade has had an All-Pro caliber TE on their roster. From Travis Kelce with the Chiefs and Zach Ertz with the Eagles to Rob Gronkowski with both the Patriots and the Buccaneers.

Since TEs carry such a great amount of responsibility, it’s time to take a closer look at the best all-around tight ends in Madden NFL 23.

Best Tight Ends in Madden NFL 23

We’ve already touched on the top tight end ratings and rankings in Madden NFL 23. So, this list of TEs will consider various other attributes that contribute to success at the position. Including their catching (CTH), spectacular catch (SPC), and catch in traffic (CIT) ratings as well as their short (SRR), medium (MRR) and deep route running (DRR) ability. Although, we’ve also taken a look at their blocking skills as well since this is such an important part of their game.

Taking this into account, these are the best all-around tight ends in Madden NFL 23:

1) George Kittle (97), San Francisco 49ers

Kittle is technically a worse pass catcher and route runner compared to Travis Kelce, who’s rated higher overall in Madden NFL 23. However, he’s got far better physical attributes and blocking stats. His speed (88), acceleration (89), strength (82), and break tackle ability (81) are all higher than Kelce’s. As is his run blocking (77) and impact blocking (78). While his catch (91), spectacular catch (91), catch in traffic (86), and route running attributes fall just a hair below Kelce’s.

2) Travis Kelce (98), Kansas City Chiefs

As previously noted, the only reason Kelce isn’t number one is because of his athletic traits. Since he’s rated lower in every major physical and blocking category. That being said, he still carries the best catch (96), spectacular catch (92) and catch in traffic (91) ratings amongst tight ends in Madden NFL 23. As well as the best short (88), medium (84) and deep route running (79), attributes in the position. As a result, he feels like the clear number two.

3) Mark Andrews (93), Baltimore Ravens

Mark Andrews has the fourth-highest spectacular catch rating (89), the third-highest catch rating (95), and the second-highest catch in traffic rating (89) amongst tight ends. He also ranks in the top five in short (84), medium (80) and deep route running (77) as well as release (82). Despite not having the best block ratings, with nearly all of them falling just inside or outside of the top 10. He still ranks as one of the better pass-catching tight ends in Madden NFL 23.

4) T.J. Hockenson (89), Detroit Lions

While Hockenson technically rates lower than Waller when it comes to his speed (83), acceleration (87) and route running ability. He’s also a much better blocker and pass-catcher. Particularly since he’s got a better catch (95), catch in traffic (87), carrying (81), run block rating (66) and pass block rating (61). He’s also got a higher strength rating (80) as well as nearly identical awareness (92) and agility (84) ratings.

5) Darren Waller (91), Las Vegas Raiders

Slotting into our fifth spot on the list we’ve got Raiders’ tight end, Darren Waller. As previously noted, Waller has worse blocking and catching stats compared to Hockenson, who he’s technically rated higher than. However, he’s arguably the best all-around athlete at the position in Madden NFL 23. With the second-best speed rating (90), the second-best short route running ability (86), third-best medium route running ability (81) and second-best deep route running ability (78) amongst tight ends.

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6) Kyle Pitts (87), Atlanta Falcons

Similar to Waller, Pitts rates lower in a lot of major catching and blocking attributes but lands as one of the best (if not the best) athlete at the tight end position. Outside of the fact that he’s got the best speed (91) and acceleration (93) ratings in the game for TEs. Pitts also ranks near the top of the league in catch (90), spectacular catch (88), catch in traffic (85), carrying (78), jumping (92) and release (81). He also ranks in the top five in short (81), medium (77), and deep route running (74).

7) Hunter Henry (84), New England Patriots

Henry is nowhere near the athlete of either Gesicki and Goedert, both of whom are rated higher than Henry. However, he’s a far better pass-catcher than Goedert and blocker than Gesicki. Presenting the best all-around option of the three. With an 82 speed, 87 acceleration and 75 strength, his physical attributes fall almost directly in line with both Gesicki and Goedert. Plus, he’s got a better catching (93), impact block (73) and deep route running ability (70) than both of them.

8) Mike Gesicki (86), Miami Dolphins

While perhaps not as balanced as Henry and Goedert, Gesicki is a much better athlete and pass-catcher. With a higher speed (83), acceleration (88), strength (76), agility (88) and release rating (78). As well as a better catch in traffic rating (88) to go along with superior short (78) and medium route running (75). He’s also got the best spectacular catch rating (93) and jumping ability (94) amongst tight ends in Madden NFL 23. Gesicki’s biggest issue is his blocking, as both his run blocking (58) and pass blocking (57) rank towards the bottom of the league.

9) Dallas Goedert (85), Philadelphia Eagles

Going in the opposite direction we’ve got Dallas Goedert, who offers strong all-around stats. Including one of the better run blocking grades in the game (74). He also holds a high speed (83), acceleration (87) and agility rating (84) to go along with above average catch (86), spectacular catch (85) and catch in traffic ratings (84). His catching, route running and physical stats aren’t going to blow you away but he’s an incredibly balanced NFL tight end.

10) Zach Ertz (84), Arizona Cardinals

Ertz is nowhere near the run (56) or pass blocker (62) that he used to be, hence why both ratings fall outside of the top 10. However, he still holds one of the highest catch (94), carrying (80), release (80) and awareness ratings (94) in the game. Not to mention solid short (79), medium (76) and deep route running attributes (68), as well as a reliable 86 spectacular catch and 83 catch in traffic.

That’s everything you need to know about the top 10 tight ends in Madden NFL 23. If you’re interested in more Madden content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you will find information like how to slide in Madden NFL 23 or how to stop the run in Madden NFL 23.

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