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Best Sombra Crosshair in Overwatch 2

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sombra chracter grab for Overwatch 2
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Sombra has been a fan-favorite shooter of choice in Overwatch since its inception. With Overwatch 2 that hasn’t really changed. The close-range rapid fire of Sombra along with her insane ability to go invisible and teleport has made her a nearly unstoppable force from the beginning. In Overwatch 2 this isn’t much different. In fact, her abilities seemed to have been cleaned up even further and her aim has never been deadlier. With the right crosshair setting support she is practically a woman hit-squad. Here are the best crosshair settings for Sombra in Overwatch 2.

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Crosshair Settings for Sombra

Without a doubt because of her quick abilities to get in and out of close range, plus her rapid-fire, the circle is the best option for Sombra. You almost can’t go wrong with a wide spray range to show where you’re hitting on an enemy’s body. A wider crosshair length range of 6 to 15 and you can hit just about anywhere. There’s also a good option for dots that we will get to. Also, leave a bit more focus on thickness between 2 and 4 so you can really hone into your wide choice range when you teleport up close to an opponent.

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As a general rule of thumb, it seems best that if you’re going to go with a wider center gap, have a smaller crosshair length. You can choose between 6 and 15 as well for your center gap. If you choose a higher gap, make sure you go with a smaller length. For example, if you chose a 6-15 crosshair length, go with a 6 or lower center gap. If you go with an 8 or higher center gap, go with a crosshair length of 7 or below.

For occupancy, it seems best to always have the general Occupancy at 100% with no real need for the outline Occupancy. The outline occupancy can be 50% or 0% if you wish.

The dot usage is quite interesting for Sombra. Because of her splattering range up close, you can have a dot and be relatively big, but occupancy isn’t really an issue. Whether it be 0% or 100% dot occupancy, just keep your dot around 2 or 4 in size and you’ll hit your mark. As always, keep your Scale with Resolution on. Check out these other crosshairs in Overwatch 2 and happy hunting.

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