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Best Genji Crosshair in Overwatch 2

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With competitive shooters like Overwatch 2, there’s a lot of personal customization a player will utilize for their best personal and professional gameplay. Crosshairs are important for anyone who spends a lot of time in the game and in competition. There are several defaults and customizing for crosshairs depending on both you as a player and your playstyle with the selected character. For these customization options, we will be looking at Genji and some of the best crosshair settings that work for him. Try yourself to see which one might fit you the most when you play Genji in Overwatch 2.

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Customizing Crosshairs

With Genji’s shuriken, the wider the range the better. Usually, you will want to go with a larger circle or crosshair set. If you go with dot, those are best for headshots than much anything else. Utilize your Crosshair length somewhere between 5 and 12. Again, the wider the better. Thickness is best between 4 and 6. This same idea applies to the Dot. Going as big as 4 for a dot size will be the most useful.

Bigger is better for Genji overall it seems. This mindset continues with having the Center Gap being quite large. Your Center Gap being somewhere between 5 and 9 is ideal. With such a wide range of your box there’s no reason to have any less occupancy than 100%. This counts for both general Occupancy and Outline Occupancy. You’ll want to be aware of your full range at all times with Genji. This also goes for your Dot Occupancy if you’re using one.

Because of the insanely wide range, you’ll be playing with, you’re definitely going to want to keep your Scale to Resolution on at all times as well. Use bright colors regardless if you’re going wide with the circle or crosshairs but also with your large dot marker as well if headshots are your game.

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