Best Rusted Warfare Mods: New Factions, Steampunk Weapons and More

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Embarking on a journey into the dynamic realm of Rusted Warfare isn’t just about commanding armies and conquering territories; it’s a venture into a vibrant, community-driven universe that continually evolves through the ingenuity of its modding community.

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Rusted Warfare, a real-time strategy game that thrives on simplicity and engaging gameplay, has garnered acclaim not only for its inherent qualities but also for the extensive array of mods crafted by dedicated enthusiasts. Read on to find a comprehensively compiled collection of all the greatest Rusted Warfare mods ever created!

All of the Best Rusted Warfare Mods

Mods serve as the transformative backbone of 2017’s Rusted Warfare, elevating the gaming experience to unprecedented heights. By introducing innovative gameplay elements, diverse unit rosters, and unique in-game variations, mods inject a breath of fresh air into the familiar landscapes of Rusted Warfare.

Mods provide players with the ability to tailor the game to their preferences, whether that involves delving into historical conflicts, exploring futuristic technologies, or engaging in colossal battles of epic proportions.

If you’ve been feeling bored of Rusted Warfare’s consistently repetitive gameplay, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are all of the greatest mods that Rusted Warfare’s creative modding community has to offer:

Ancient War Mod

Rusted Warfare Ancient War Mod
Image via Corroding Games/ZERO0101

The Ancient War mod for Rusted Warfare is every bit as cool as it sounds. This mod by ZERO0101 on ModDB breathes new life into the game by adding not one, not two, but seven brand-new factions for players to interact with!

Radioactive Survival Mod

Rusted Warfare Radioactive Survival Mod
Image via Corroding Games/Radiorum Development

The Radioactive Survival mod completely revitalizes the Rusted Warfare experience. This mod turns Rusted Warfare into a story-based, post-apocalyptic RPG and is designed to “completely change the gameplay style of Rusted Warfare.” It features its own post-apocalyptic story, supports multiplayer, and essentially turns Rusted Warfare into a whole new game! Check out Radiorum Development’s page on ModDB to learn more!

GS7’s Battlenizer

GS7s Battlenizer Mod Rusted Warfare
Image via Corroding Games/GingaStrike7XZ

If you don’t really feel like changing up the gameplay aspects of Rusted Warfare but still want to add some excitement to your game, then this mod by GingaStrike7XZ on ModDB is the perfect addition to your game! The GS7’s Battlenizer mod adds some wicked new firepower to your arsenal, including tanks, infantries, firearms, and much more!

Shogun Warfare II

Shogun Warfare 2 Mod Rusted Warfare
Image via Corroding Games/Satobi46

The Shogun Warfare II mod is easily one of the most popular Rusted Warfare mods of all time, and once you download it, you’ll see why. The Shogun Warfare II mod is a samurai-themed mod for Rusted Warfare that adds a ton of samurai-esque content to the game, including new samurai units, rice-field battlegrounds, and even wickedly cool samurai-era weapons! Check out Satobi46’s page on ModDB if you’re interested.

Forward Combat Mod

Forward Combat Mod Rusted Warfare
Image via Corroding Games/Filipok!

Forward Combat Mod is honestly one of the most in-depth Rusted Warfare mods I’ve ever seen; the amount of content that the Forward Combat mod adds to the game is insane. The Forward Combat mod by Filipok! on ModDB adds over 700 new units to the game for players to enjoy. And if that weren’t crazy enough, it also adds a whopping 300 new buildings for players to explore!

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Zombie Survival RW Mod

Rusted Warfare Zombie Survival Mod
Image via Corroding Games/AtlasESG

This might seem like your average zombie survival mod, but it’s so much more than that. The Zombie Survival RW mod by AtlasESG on ModDB practically turns Rusted Warfare into a whole other game, one where the undead reign supreme, and the humans have to do everything in their power to fight back! You can join one of four post-apocalyptic factions, but be careful; not all of them are bent on humanity’s survival…

Steamlands Mod

Steamlands Rusted Warfare Mod
Image via Corroding Games/Mattsimus

Calling all steampunk fans, this one’s for you! This unique Rusted Warfare mod adds a truly ridiculous amount of steampunk-themed content to the game, transforming it into a steampunker’s paradise. Additionally, players can now utilize three new units, give resources to other players, and deal with an even more challenging AI! Steamlands Mod is created by Mattsimus on ModDB for anyone who’s interested in giving it a download.


STFU Mod Rusted Warfare
Image via Corroding Games/Insanituu

The STFU mod is every bit as badass as its name might suggest. This mod by Insanituu on ModDB, according to its creator, “completely changes the game style of Rusted Warfare”; it allows players to choose and play different classes from different groups of fictional military divisions, and it even supports multiplayer!

AEA Mod Pack

AEA Mod Pack Rusted Warfare
Image via Corroding Games/SkaarjLord1337

This mod is actually a whole pack of mods rolled into one – if you’re going to download any of these entries from this list, then let it be this one! The AEA Mod Pack by SkaarjLord1337 on ModDB adds an insane amount of content to the game, including new buildings, new weapons, new units, and more!

War: Countries Mod

The War Countries Mod Rusted Warfare
Image via Corroding Games/koctz34

We’re ending this list off with a big, bloody bang! The War: Countries Mod is by koctz34 on ModDB, and it makes Rusted Warfare intense. It takes every bloody, gorey bit of the game and amplifies it by 1,000%; if you want a more insane version of Rusted Warfare, then this is the mod for you!

Rusted Warfare’s thriving modding community has breathed new life into the game, offering players a myriad of ways to customize and enhance their gaming experience. No matter what kind of new in-game excitement you’re after, there’s a mod for everyone!

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