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Best Pokémon Builds to Use in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 5 and 6-Star Tera Raids

The Raid META
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Players who have already beaten the base-game of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are indulging in the Raid Battle experience. Whether you are knocking out 5 and 6-Star Tera Pokémon or preparing for the global Unrivaled Charizard event, coming December 2nd, 2022, there are certain Pokémon to use in Tera Raids that are unstoppable. Players are creating powerful Pokémon Builds to Solo Raid or team up with other Trainers in Co-op Raids. These are the best Pokémon and Builds to use in 5 and 6-Star Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Best Pokémon to Use in Tera Raids

Iron Hands (Violet Exclusive)

To obtain Iron Hands, players must first complete the three main questlines of the game. As this is a Violet exclusive Pokémon, Violet players need to beat the Path of Legends, Starfall Street and Victory Road. This is needed to access Area Zero. Here, players will find the Paradox Pokémon of Paldea. Iron Hands is found in Research Station 1 in the Great Crater. Undoubtedly the best Pokémon to use in Tera Raids as of Scarlet and Violet’s initial release. We highly recommend that players on Scarlet trade with Violet users to get this Pokémon if you want to fight 6-Star Tera Pokémon.

Best Iron Hands Build for Tera Raids

  • Force Palm
  • Belly Drum
  • Drain Punch
  • Close Combat
  • Held Item – Life Orb (boosts power but loses a small amount of HP, regained with Drain Punch

Miraidon (Violet Exclusive)

Miraidon is the Violet Exclusive Legendary Pokémon. To use Miraidon in battles, you must complete the base-game and see the credits. This is likely to be the case for most people reading this that they are playing the post-game already as they need to have beaten the game to get 6-Star Raids. But if you have not yet and are looking to attempt higher level Raids, players need to complete the entire base-game. Do this by beating all three main questlines and beating the final Boss in Area Zero. In the post-game players can use Miraidon to battle with.

To use Miraidon in battle you must go into the Main Menu and select Miraidon who will appear underneath your active party. Hover over Miraidon icon and press A. The game will ask you if you wish to change Miraidon into its battle form. Press A once again. You will need to make space for this Pokémon in your active party if it is already full. Select the Pokémon you wish to swap out and they will be placed into your Pokémon Boxes. Your legendary Pokémon is now ready to use. Similar to Iron Hands, Miraidon has the ability to gain HP back with the move Parabolic Charge. This Pokémon has a high damage output, especially with Electro Drift.

Best Miraidon Build for Tera Raids

  • Charge Beam
  • Parabolic Charge
  • Electro Drift
  • Metal Sound
  • Held Item – Life Orb


You can find Azumarill along the river in West Province (Area Three). This gives players the chance to skip the evolution line of Azurill and focus on the Tera Raid Build. We recommend that players catch the Fairy Tera Azumarill as in the post-game players will already have higher level Pokémon to easily catch this terallized Azurmarill. This Pokémon is a great option for taking on the 7-Star Tera Charizard in the upcoming global event. The Fairy Azumarill is located on the island of Casseroya Lake. Refer to the screenshot below of an exact location where this Pokémon can be found.

Image via Nintendo

Best Azumarill Build for Tera Raids

  • Superpower
  • Belly Drum
  • Play Rough
  • Misty Terrain
  • Held Item – Lum Berry (Negates all status effects after consumption) or Shell Bell (restores HP over time)


Gholdengo has a very specific requirement for players to accomplish in order to catch this Pokémon. Players must get 999 Coins to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo. Players can find both a roaming Gimmighoul and chest-form Gimmighoul in the Paldea wilderness. The drop rate of the Coins varies by chance, players should look for the chest-form Gimmighoul for the highest possible Coin drop rate in the game. To obtain Coins, the Gimmighouls drop these after being knocked out or captured. This is definitely one of the hardest evolutionary requirements in Scarlet and Violet. It requires a lot of time to obtain 999 Coins to hit the evolutionary criterion.

Players should check Watchtowers and Runes, if you have already visited these Paldea Watchtowers it will be easier to return to as a means of fast travel. Gimmighoul respawns so players will be able to locate this Pokémon again in the same spot at a later time. Coins can also be found as dropped items in the corner of Runes. The Watchtower locations are:

  • South Province (Area Three)
  • South Province (Area Five)
  • East Province (Area One)
  • East Province (Area Three)
  • South Province (Area Two)
  • South Province (Area Four)
  • West Province (Area One)
  • Asado Desert Watchtower
  • West Province (Area Two) – multiple Watchtowers in this region.
  • Glaseado Mountain
  • North Province (Area One) – multiple Watchtowers in lake.

It is best to collect these Coins when you have unlocked all Miraidon/Koraidon upgrades. This will make it easier to get to Watchtowers located on islands. As you head towards the North-Western side of Paldea you will find more Watchtowers such as in West Province (Area Two) alongside higher level wild Pokémon, including that of Gimmighoul. It is best to use a Pokémon with the move Knock Out to obtain the Coins.

Exact locations of some Watchtowers on the Paldea map are:

South Province (Area Four)

Image via Nintendo

East Province (Area One)

Image via Nintendo

South Province (Area Five)

Image via Nintendo

Glaseado Mountain

Image via Nintendo

Once all 999 Coins are obtained with the evolutionary requirement fulfilled, you simply need to level up the Gimmighoul you would have caught to evolve by 1 level. With the 999 Coins in your Bag, Gimmighoul will evolve into Gholdengo with the next level up. Gholdengo is a great choice in 5 and 6-Star Tera Battles as this Pokémon cannot be affected by status moves.

Best Gholdengo Build for Tera Raids

  • Make it Rain
  • Nasty Plot
  • Metal Sound
  • Shadow Ball
  • Held Item – Life Orb

Ceruledge (Violet Exclusive)

Ceruledge is one of the evolutions of Charcadet. This is the Violet exclusive evolution line of this Pokémon. Charcadet is located in South Province (Area Two) and can be picked up very early in the game. Catching this Pokémon early is incredibly useful for those creating the perfect Tera Raid Build as this Pokémon is found at a very low-level in this area of Paldea. Players can catch this Pokémon within the first hour of the game. You will find Charcadet North-West of the town Cortondo. Refer to the screenshot below for an exact location of Charcadet.

Image via Nintendo

After catching Charcadet, players need to obtain Malicious Armor. This is a crucial item to evolve this Pokémon into Ceruledge. This Armor can be traded in Zapapico with Sinistea Chips. With the Armor in hand, equip it with Charcadet, this will force evolution into Ceruledge. This can be done at any time, we recommend evolving immediately so that you can focus on creating the best Build possible with Ceruledge. This Pokémon has the longest time of player commitment as you will likely pick up a Level 15-18 Charcadet at the beginning of the game.

Best Ceruledge Build for Tera Raids

  • Bitter Blade
  • Shadow Claw
  • Swords Dance
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Held Item – Life Orb

Brute Bonnet (Scarlet Exclusive)

Just like Iron Hands, Brute Bonnet is a Paradox Pokémon only found in Area Zero. This means that once again players must complete the entirety of the base-game and see the credits. In the post-game players will have already visited Area Zero on the map as it is the location of the final Boss fight. Therefore, players should return here to pick up the Paradox Pokémon of Scarlet and Violet. Brute Bonnet is one of the Scarlet exclusive Pokémon. Players can find Brute Bonnet in Research Area 2 from the Area Zero main room.

Best Brute Bonnet Build for Tera Raids

  • Payback
  • Thrash
  • Giga Drain
  • Sucker Punch

Koraidon (Scarlet Exclusive)

Just like Miraidon, this is the Exclusive Legendary but for the Scarlet version. You can also use this Pokémon in battle, the same way as using Miraidon. Beat the base-game first and see the credits. Gain access to higher level Tera Raids. In the Pokémon Main Menu, hover over Koraidon and press A. Select ‘Change Koraidon into battle form’ and press A. Make space for Koraidon if your party is full.

As Miraidon is the stronger and better pick than Koraidon due to its move set, it may be better to trade with a Violet exclusive user to gain Miraidon. However, Koraidon is still a great choice to use in Tera Raid battles. Koraidon does have the ability to regain health via Drain Punch, similar to that of Iron Punch. But Miraidon is an overall stronger Pokémon to use for the 6-Star Raid Battles due to its higher damage output.

Best Koraidon Build for Tera Raids

  • Drain Punch
  • Collison Course
  • Brick Break
  • Swords Dance

Giving Pokémon New Moves Using Mirror Herb

When making your Tera Raid Builds, you will likely need to get moves via the process of a Mirror Herb. Players must catch the Pokémon with the Move you wish to give to your active Pokémon. Use the Picnic function to copy the Move from one Pokémon to another. For example, to give Azumarill Belly Drum, you must obtain Makuhita/Hirayama, give Azumarill the Mirror Herb and use the Picnic function to copy Belly Drum from Makuhita/Hirayama.

Those are the best Pokémon Builds to use in Tera Raids. To see more Pokémon content, take a look at our related: What is the Best Moveset for Ceruledge in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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