Best Perks for Godzilla in Multiversus
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Best Perks for Godzilla in Multiversus

The best Perk guide for Godzilla in MultiVersus.
Image via Player First Games/Warner Bros. Interactive

Perks are an important aspect of MultiVersus. Although the free-to-play title is in open beta, Perks look like a solid mechanic which will influence the game and its characters. While there are many characters to play in the game, this guide focuses on Godzilla, which is one of the most talked ones in the game.

Before we see Godzilla’s guide, let’s have a brief description about Perks.

What are Perks in Multiversus

Perks are power blocks for characters. They boost a character’s power by buffing them. Perks allow you to customize your character according to your play style. As your character levels up in the game, they will unlock new Perks. However, each character has certain Perks by default.

There are three categories of Perks.

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Utility

Apart from the above Major Perks, the game also features many Minor Perks. These power-ups are confusing for players who are entering the game, especially with a new character. Also, not every Perk is right for every Archetype. For Example, Deadshot Perk is great for Mage and Ranged characters and will not suit Tank characters so well. However, we have made a guide for the best Perks for Godzilla in MultiVersus.

Best Perks for Godzilla in Multiversus

The developers are yet to introduce Godzilla in the game. We will update this guide with the best Perks for Godzilla in MultiVersus as soon as the character is available to play, and we have tested the power-ups on it.

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