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Best Perks for Every Character in Warhaven

Choose your fighter!
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In Warhaven, you will find two types of characters – Soldiers and Immortals. Soldiers are basic characters that you play through most of the game, and Immortals are powerful heroes who are born after the Immortal power gauge is filled. There are six kinds of Soldiers and four kinds of Immortals. In this article, we bring you all their strengths and weaknesses.

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Top Character Perks in Warhaven

We will start the list with the strongest characters in the game and gradually move towards the weaker ones. We’ll break down each character and the weapons they carry, along with tips on how to get the most out of each character.


Martyr is an Immortal who is specialized in close combat.

  • Strengths: Guard breaks, An excellent team player who fights equally well with all classes.
  • Weaknesses: No notable ones, one of the strongest characters in the game.
  • Skills: Indomitable, Pierce, Punishment, and Dash.
  • Weapon: One-handed sword and a shield.
  • Tier: S.


Blade is a default Soldier in Warhaven. He fights with a balanced skillset.

  • Strengths: Wide range of attacks, block Dash attack, can fight against various enemy types.
  • Weaknesses: Some of his abilities are ineffective against a few enemies.
  • Skills: Ox Slash, Dash, and Hilt Bash.
  • Weapon: Long sword.
  • Tier: S.


A Guardian is a Soldier whose main tasks are to protect his allies and disrupt the enemy.

  • Strengths: Crowd control, can take a lot of hits, holds his ground.
  • Weaknesses: Takes a lot of time to switch from attack to block, and his block abilities are not that good.
  • Skills: Shield Charge, Shield Wall, Dash, and Resilience.
  • Weapon: Shield and Mace.
  • Tier: D.


Darkgale is a strong Immortal who rides through the battlefield and fights on his horse.

  • Strengths: On a certain type of terrain, he is extremely effective in combat.
  • Weaknesses: Easily loses momentum.
  • Skills: Great Harvest, Iron Will, Rear Up, Drift, and Dark Dash.
  • Weapon: Spear.
  • Tier: A.


Raven is an Immortal. Her specialty is to bombard her enemies from a distance.

  • Strengths: Bombardment, ravens assisting in battle.
  • Weaknesses: Very static, An easy target for focused attacks.
  • Skills: Rain of Talons and Elude.
  • Weapon: Staff.
  • Tier: A.


Warhammer is a Soldier. He fights with a balanced skillset.

  • Strengths: Shield break, Headbutt, Spike Balls, strong attacks.
  • Weaknesses: Collision.
  • Skills: Hammer Blow, Headbutt, Ground Slam, and Dash.
  • Weapon: Hammer.
  • Tier: B.


Spike is a Soldier who is well-equipped for a ranged fight. She keeps her enemies at a distance.

  • Strengths: Charge attacks, keeping the enemies at a distance.
  • Weaknesses: Dodging.
  • Skills: Impale, Spear Combo, Spear Parry, and Dash.
  • Weapon: Spear.
  • Tier: B.


Smoke is a Soldier who is vital to every team. She heals her allies with survival kills.

  • Strengths: Healing, mobility, knock-up.
  • Weaknesses: Projectile redirect ability.
  • Skills: Healing Smoke, Smoke Clone, Smoke Blast, Smoke Wall, Dash.
  • Weapon: Staff.
  • Tier: S.


Hush is a Soldier. Her goal is to disorient enemies and exploit their weaknesses.

  • Strengths: Sprint attacks, block, horizontal attacks.
  • Weaknesses: Low HP
  • Skills: Focus, Sandstorm, Scorpion Tail, Dash, and Focus Gauge.
  • Weapon: Curved blade.
  • Tier: B.


Hoet is an Immortal. He is known as the master of life and death.

  • Strengths: Deals significant damage, helps his allies, and has strong attacks.
  • Weaknesses: No notable ones.
  • Skills: Sustained Immunity, Lend Immunity, Absolution, Remote Ressurection, and Ally Ressurection.
  • Weapon: Cudgel.
  • Tier: S.

How to Choose a Character in Warhaven?

What we might recommend when choosing a character in Warhaven is to adapt it to your playstyle and fighting style. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that are very specific and tailored.

Choose carefully, recognize with what character you could contribute the most to your team, and collect as many points as possible for a high ranking. Happy gaming!

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