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Google Snake is never boring with these mods.
Google Snake Game
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Google Sake is a simple but addictive game that became a cult classic. I’m pretty sure everyone who uses Google played this game at least once. The snake game origins go back to the era of the first mobile phones. However, the Google Snake game also has plenty of mods.

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The pixelated snake that goes around a grid chasing its tail without end was a cause for entertainment and nostalgia for millions of players. But what if I told you that you can repurpose Google Snake into something completely different? In this article, we’ll present the best mods for the cute digital snake.

Top Google Snake Mods

Snake Classic

Image via Google / Spysol Games

Most of us still remember the classic Snake Xenzia game. Now, thanks to Spysol Games, this classical piece of gaming history is back. In this game, the digital cube-shaped snake has a better appearance with the appropriate snake body.

It grows larger each time it consumes mice and frogs. The same rules apply, but they’re more entertaining and engaging. It’s simple to assist the snake; all you have to do is help him gather as many mice and frogs as you can and stretch himself to his full length to improve his appearance.

Snaking Snake Multiplayer

Image via Google / Happy Bytes Llc

This mod takes the Google Snake game to another level by adding a multiplayer component. Snaking Snake Multiplayer mod by Happy Bytes Llc puts our beloved digital snakes in the arena against each other. It’s eat or be eaten in this cruel but fun multiplayer arena.

The main idea is simple: you start as a snakeling, small and weak, and you have to feed while avoiding bigger snakes. After a while, if you play it well, you’ll grow up enough to become a threat. Until you run into the bigger snake, or other snakes unite against you.

Snake Challenge Mod

Image via Google / Sal Booh

If you want a serious test of your gaming skills and adrenaline rush, then this mod is the right stuff. Made by Sal Booh, the Snake Challenge mod gives exactly that challenge. This mod cranks up the difficulty level, adding some new gameplay elements and challenges.

After you rule over its complexities, this mod offers a great sense of accomplishment. However, it requires quick thinking, precision, and strategy. The Challenge Snake Mod is the one to use if you want to maximize your Snake abilities and revel in victory over adversities.

Google Snake Menu Mod

Image via Google / DarkSnakeGang

Google Snake Menu Mod was made by DarkSnakeGang to bring better control over the overall game. With this extensive mod, you can add new characters, change the map and background, add new objects, remove walls from all edges, and speed up or slow down the classic game.

You can also adjust the characters’ movement and speed. You can also get access to every customization option for the Google Snake game by installing this one mod.

Google Snake Dark Mode

Image via Google / DarkSnakeGang

Many players, including myself, prefer browsing in the dark mode because it alleviates the eyestrain when used for long hours. Using the dark mode in browsers also includes browser games, so the aforementioned DarkSnakeGang made Dark Mode for Google Snake.

You can switch to a dark mode in the Snake Game by simply pasting the code into the developer code console in your browser thanks to the dark mode mod. By adding the RGB color code, you can also add unique color schemes for each component of the Snake game. You can alter the hue of every element, from the walls to the sky.

Time Keeper Mod

Image via Google / DarkSnakeGang

Another mod by DarkSnakeGang. This time, it’s a Time Keeper Mod, and it adds timing to the game. The Google Snake game doesn’t keep high scores, so this is a good method to keep your records. You can measure the time it takes to beat the game or how long you can survive before biting your tail.

The timer for the game is visible at the top of the window, and by clicking the gear icon, you can switch between different game configurations. This new feature adds a new level of difficulty above and beyond survival.

Mouse Mod

Image via Google / DarkSnakeGang

To control the Google Snake, the default option is arrows, but what about the mouse? Our old acquaintance, DarkSnakeGang, made the Snake Mouse Mod. This mod, quite obviously, enables mouse control for the titular snake.

With a mouse, you are not limited to linear movements; you can move in any direction. The movement of the mouse pointer is followed by the snake. However, to ensure that the snake jumps to the pointer, look for the aimtrainer in the menu.


Image via Google / DarkSnakeGang

This is probably the weirdest mod name in this list. If you see the picture, you can see what the acronym stands for. However, what did DarkSnakeGang want to do with this mod? In the simplest terms, it makes the snake invisible.

To advance in the game, you must rely on sounds to gauge the snake’s movements to figure out whether it is consuming fruits. The walls might become more of a problem in this situation, and we’ll set you with the solution for that problem right away.


Image via Google / DarkSnakeGang

With this mod, you can remove the walls in the Snake game and explore any direction without worrying about the game ending. You can combine this mod with the TimeKeeper and AIYIWOWTGWL to create an engaging challenge.

The only way to lose in this situation is to come into contact with the snake’s tail, which will happen when it gets too big from consuming every fruit in its path.

Google Snake Toggle Deathscreen

Image via Google / DarkSnakeGang

The final mod from DarkSnakeGang is also the final mod in this article. This mod completely skips a death screen when you hit a wall or your tail. That means you don’t get interrupted by the death screen, and you can continue playing seamlessly.

Of course, the removal of the death screen doesn’t make you immune to death effects. When you touch a wall or your tail, you’ll start the game all over as a snakeling, and your score resets to zero. However, this mod removes the interruption and doesn’t break the players’ focus.

Those were some of the best mods for Google Snake. For more related content, try our articles about How To Get Google Snake Menu Mod or What is the World Record in Snake? Longest Game Streak

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