Best Minecraft Seeds: worlds you need to explore

There are tons of Minecraft seeds out there, but some are a lot more fun than others. A good seed will have some good terrain, interesting locations, and make for an awesome adventure. Picking the right Minecraft seeds influences how your gameplay experience plays out. We compiled a list of the best Minecraft seeds to start your new adventure.

How To Use Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft uses algorithms to randomly generate worlds. The trees, mountains, and terrain are all generated by these algorithms. Each user has a unique World Seed that makes it so no two worlds are exactly the same. To use Minecraft Seeds, start creating a new world. You’ll see a “More World Options…” button on the screen.

On the next screen, you will see a field where you can enter a seed for the World Generator. You can choose to leave this field blank to generate a completely random seed or your new world. However, this is where you will want to enter a seed code to load into specific worlds. Minecraft Seeds are usually a string of numbers.

Best Minecraft Seeds

Now for our list of Best Minecraft Seeds, which contains a variety of different worlds. You can pick and choose based on what type of terrain you like to explore and whatever looks fun to you. We’ll keep this list fresh and up-to-date so you can bookmark the page and check back frequently for our newest and best Minecraft Seeds.

Desert Oasis with Flower Forest

  • Seed: Desert
  • Version: 1.15-1.16 Java

Yes, the seed for this one is aptly named “Desert”. This seed spawns you into a small desert oasis with a flower forest in the middle. There’s also a shattered savanna island nearby at (0,500) for you to explore. Not to mention the massive desert, and desert temple nearby that can be seen in the background.

Six Rivers

  • Seed: 1769453112
  • Version: Bedrock

This world features a lake splitting off into six separate rivers. It’s an interesting world spawn location. Near (0,0) you’ll find a village, bamboo, mountains, a flower forest, and a swamp. There are tons of awesome ares to explore in this one, so we recommend checking it out.

Everything Seed

  • Seed: -972330367
  • Version: Bedrock

This seed has literally everything you can imagine in Minecraft. Near spawn, you’ll find several villages, a woodland mansion, an outpost, double mob spawner, lava, desert temples, ravines, and even bees. All this goodness is located directly near spawn, making this one of the best seeds out there.

Massive Cave Seed

  • Seed: -8808199510193140298
  • Version: 1.15 PC or Java

If you walk west from spawn on this seed, you will find one of the most massive caves we’ve ever seen in Minecraft. This is some amazing randomly generated cave terrain, and there are also some ravines nearby. Check this one out to experience some cool world generation. There’s also a village nearby to the massive cave.

Mesa Seed

  • Seed: -1257874759009462033
  • Version: 1.15 PC or Java

This seed spawns you directly in the center of a Mesa biome. This world is a bit challenging, so we have some tips to help you out. On the northwest side of the mesa is a desert temple. You can find this at (-250, 68, -700), but it’s a bit of a hike. If you head southwest of the mesa, you will find a savanna biome at (-400, 69, 750) with a village.

Mansion Seed

  • Seed: -8447329668899767924
  • Version: 1.15 PC or Java

This seed has a mansion very close to the spawn area. You spawn inside of a forest and have access to bees nearby. There’s a hut nearby on your way to the huge mansion. It’s a huge mansion, with five rooms on the top floor alone! There’s also a village nearby at (500, 67, 100) with not one, but two weaponsmiths.

Double Village Mesa Spawn Seed

  • Seed: 740664848552443631
  • Version: 1.15 PC or Java

Here’s a double village mesa spawn seed, which is one of the coolest ones on this list. When you spawn in, head west to find a village with dozens of buildings and farms. This village is also partially in a mesa biome. If you go east from spawn, you’ll find another village that’s partially inside of a swamp biome. You’ll find a weaponsmith in that village. There’s also some bees nests close by!

Desert Village Seed

  • Seed: 5711669668160189016
  • Version: 1.15 PC or Java

For the Desert Village Seed, we can find a villager outpost nearby the spawn area. One interesting thing at this location is a caged golem. You can also see a village nearby the spawn point with a dozen or so buildings to check out. Finally, you will get to the Desert Village at (-200, 70, 350) if you follow the main path.

Mushroom Island Seed

  • Seed: 3434372376216973253
  • Version: 1.15 PC or Java

This Mushroom Island is isolated from other pieces of land, and it’s right in the middle of a frozen ocean. You will see some icebergs nearby, and some villages and outposts nearby the spawn area. It’s definitely one of the more interesting seeds out there.

19 Tall Cacti Seed

  • Seed: 5146129728954094
  • Coords: 24665312, -22989152
  • Version: 1.14.4 Java

A Redditor spent an entire year brute-forcing random seeds to find the elusive 19 tall cacti. We really have to applaud this person’s commitment to finding the tallest cacti in the game. As it turns out, this project started as part of a challenge to find a 16 tall plant. It spiraled into a year-long project that resulted in the image you see above. Use the information above to check it out for yourself.

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