Best Minecraft Mods February 2020

Minecraft is a great game by itself, but mods allow you to get the most out of it. Due to it being one of the most popular games ever, there are a lot of different mods out there. We wanted to give you a list of the best Minecraft mods for February 2020.

Best Minecraft Mods February 2020

These mods are all compatible with 1.15.2, the most recent update of Minecraft.

Lava Monsters Mod

This mod went a while without being updated, but it has recently come to life again for 1.15.2. It adds a new mob to the game: lava monsters. This is a simple mod because all it does is add one more mob, but it does make approaching lava a lot more dangerous.

Engineer’s Decor

This mod adds a few new blocks to the game which are both useful and cool looking. You can find a bunch of different uses for the blocks this mod adds to the game. It’s also an excellent decoration mod, even if you don’t want to use everything included in it.

Player Plates

This mod adds two different pressure plates to the game: obsidian pressure plate and mossy cobblestone pressure plate. The obsidian pressure plate can only be walked on by players, and the mossy cobblestone pressure plate can only be walked on by mobs. These can be used in cool ways on modded adventure maps.

Essentials Mod

This mod adds new helpful blocks to the game like fertile soil, so plants can grow without any interaction. It also adds a Blazier, and you can put other blocks inside of it.

Mine Colonies Mod

This mod has been getting regularly updated as it’s a fairly complex mod where you can start up an entire civilization. You can customize where buildings go and watch the entire civilization grow!

Torch Slabs

This mod does what it sounds like, allows you to place torches on slabs. This is one of those mods that should just be a part of the regular Minecraft experience at this point.

Peaceful Surface Mod

This is a mod great for those who want to combine peaceful along with the normal difficulty. Mobs can only spawn underground, so the surface will be totally peaceful and caves will be hostile.

Lost Cities

This is another mod that’s been updated a lot recently. This mod allows you to create full-on cities in your world. It’s a very customizable mod and you can make it so cities are rare or the entire world is one giant city. There are other options to choose from as well, such as how much damage a city has taken.

Better PvP Mod

This is one of the best hud mods you can get for Minecraft. It has everything you need like a minimap, status indicator, visible equipment durability, and other helpful things. You can position pretty much anything on the hud making it extremely useful.

MrCrayfish’s Vehicle Mod

This is the best vehicle mod out there. It’s a simple mod that allows you to just easily place a vehicle down and hop in it. The mod is refreshing in how simple it is, as others are a lot more intricate.

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