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Best Minecraft Cave Mods 2020

These are the best Minecraft cave mods that will make going in caves actually fun to explore. So here’s how you can make your caves look far better than they currently do. All of these mods should be functional in the 1.15 patch.

Best Minecraft Cave Mods 2020

Below is our pick for the best Minecraft cave mods to enhance your experience while exploring caves. You may want to mix and match a few of them or even all of them to make the most out of it.

Sildurs Enhanced Vanilla Shaders

First, we recommend installing Sildurs Enhanced Vanilla Shaders. This will make your game look a lot better by keeping the vanilla Minecraft look but add shadows and enhance the visuals inside of caves. This is not completely required but will for sure make the game look better.

YUNG’s Better Caves

YUNG’s Better Caves adds more cave generation to the game including tiny caves to massive caverns. You can customize what types of caves appear while using this mod as well.

Extended Caves

Next, we like to use Extended Caves as this mod will add all sorts of cool stuff to the existing caves like stalagmites, rocks, mushrooms, new types of stones, and mini-dungeons.

Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Surroundings give us new sounds inside of caves, like enhanced waterfall noises, steam rising from lava, and much more. Sound control will also add reverb while inside of caves which makes the experience much more fun.

Hytale’s 3D Ore Resource Pack

This resource pack makes Minecraft ore’s look like they do in the Hytale trailer. They look pretty cool so installing this mod only enhanced the experience while we are exploring caves.

Lava Monsters

The last mod we want to use is Lava Monsters. This mod got revives as of late, and deserves to be used. It makes exploring near lava much more difficult by including lava mobs in the game.

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