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Best Melee Weapon in Starfield

We choose this one.
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You’re up in space and you’re exploring all the planets, grabbing intel from all the plants and animals you find, and solving quests. The one thing you need to do in order to prepare for a voyage is to make sure you’re protected. Having a proper weapon will help you defeat enemies that cross paths with you. It’s important to have a solid melee weapon in Starfield. In this guide, we’re going to give our opinion on what the best melee weapon is and why you should wield it.

What’s the Best Melee Weapon in Starfield?

Wielding a powerful weapon is crucial if you want to survive some of the harsh climates or difficult enemies in Starfield. You can either find these weapons from drops or earn them after completing missions. It may seem difficult at first to get a powerful weapon, however, when you do get one you’re set. There are a few melee weapons out there that we consider to be the best. If you want to get your hands on the best melee weapon here is what you need to do and where to find it.

The best melee weapon in Starfield would have to be the Beowulf Rifle. The reason for this is because of how versatile it is. It has a high base damage and uses a semi-automatic fire rate. It’s also a great weapon to use if you want to make long-distance shots. If you want to find the Beowulf Rifle you’re going to want to join the Colonies Faction, complete faction quests, explore military outposts, or purchase it from a vendor.

Benefits of using the Beowulf Rifle in Starfield

We mentioned that the Beowulf Rifle is versatile and we meant that. The Beowulf Rifle deals 36 damage to enemies and is incredibly powerful. There are also opportunities to enhance it using different mods. The Beowulf Rifle comes with 8 mod slots that can boost your shooting performance. It’s extremely accurate when you’re shooting and you can guarantee a clean shot when shooting long distance. Lastly, this is a symbolic weapon since you’re using it if you’re part of the United Colonies Faction. Wielding this gun will allow your character to immerse themselves into the United Colonies Faction storyline.

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