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How to Farm Legendary Armor and Weapons Early in Starfield

Ah the power of Quick Save
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Like with all RPGs, the hunt for the best gear is one that can overtake a gamers life. Everyone wants to have the best weapons and armor possible to take out foes with ease and get ahead of the curve by focussing on getting their money up instead of dealing with the basic scraps. For those searching for the iconic Mantis armor, there are other methods to gaining the upper hand against foes you may face in the great unknown. Legendary gear is something that is meant to be difficult to find, but with these tips, you will be able to get some great stuff incredibly early on in the game. Therefore, this is Vincent’s guide on how to farm Legendary Weapons and Armor early in Starfield.

How to Get Legendary Gear Early in Starfield

Your first real encounter with making decisions that causes a direct impact for the future of your playthrough is actually within the tutorial Mission ‘One Small Step’ of Starfield. You will meet a pirate called Brogan who you have the choice to either Persuade to not fight you or choose to fight and Kill Brogan. You must Persuade him to not fight you. After successfully persuading him, make sure to Quick Save the game so that you can try this over and over for specific Legendary drops. If you do this correctly, you can then shoot the gas canister behind Brogan and his squad when you are ready, which will instantaneously kill them (if it somehow doesn’t, plant a few bullets in Brogan’s headgear to finish the job). After killing Brogan, you can loot his corpse to lift a Legendary Item off him.

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Keep in mind that Brogan’s Legendary drop is randomized meaning that we cannot guarantee what you will get. His minions do not offer any Legendary equipment but checking what Brogan has, accessing whether or not this will help you in the early game will determine whether you need to reload or not. You should search specifically for Weapons and Armor here as this will help you tremendously in the early game of Starfield. Brogan can drop Epic and Legendary items so keep an eye out for the color of the item (blue for Rare, purple for Epic, and gold for Legendary).

This farming method is great for choosing which Legendary item you want to keep from Brogan but it does not mean that everything you take is saved of course. It is a farming method used to pick the best Legendary Weapon or Armor from Brogan that will aid you in later fights you encounter throughout your endeavor.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Legendary Armor

As noted above, this farming method works for Legendary enemies but they can drop Rare/ Epic/ Exotic Weapons too which can making farming a longer process. What you can do is before manually saving, change your Difficulty Setting to Very Hard. This will increase the chances of Legendary drops from enemies that can drop these items. This Difficulty is purely to farm if you do not play on this already, and after you get what you want and save again, you can switch back to the Difficulty you were playing on originally.

Keep in mind that this farming method also works for places that offer you loot before loading in. Therefore, get into the habit of Quick Saving whenever you are entering an area that you think may have a loading screen to randomly generate the loot inside. So the steps to doing this long after Brogan at the beginning of Starfield is to change Difficulty to Ultra Hard – Quick Save – enter loot area or kill Legendary enemy – check loot for Legendary item you are happy with – reload to farm again. Areas with loot have Legendary enemies from full squads to kill or a singular, powerful enemy you need to find and face. After loading into the new area in which the loot is generated at this point, switch to Very Easy and head through to pick up the loot. Repeat the process until you are happy with the results.

Thank you for reading this guide on getting Legendary gear early in Starfield. We hope this guide was helpful for those who have just started playing. Remember that this best works for those who have just started as you need to hit specific steps that you may have already missed in your playthrough. Looking for more Starfield content? Take a look at all GJ coverage here if you are interested in reading more from the team.

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