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Best Discord PFP Pictures and Ideas

It all boils down to personal preference.
Image via Discord

As my friends and I are all pretty spread out, Discord serves as our first and foremost means of communication. While I know some of them in real life, for others, their profile pictures are their public faces, at least as far as my interactions with them go. Whether you’re looking to stand out in your favorite Discord channel or just want to make a statement, there are lots of ways you can spice up the ol’ PFP.

Here are some ideas for Discord profile pictures.

Best Discord PFP Pictures and Ideas

Obviously, anything in the world can be used as a profile picture on Discord or just about anywhere else. You could use a picture of a toilet if you were so inclined, and I won’t judge you. In general, though, most profile pictures fall into a few broad categories:

  • Something you like
  • Something jokey
  • Something you made
  • Something with a message

Something You Like

For as long as PFPs have been a thing in online settings, people have been using images from their favorite stuff as their outward faces. Maybe it’s a symbol from your favorite video game like Among Us (download the image here), maybe it’s a photo of your favorite people or scenery, or maybe it’s a picture of your dog. It’s not a complicated choice, but it can still say a lot about you and the things you consider important and interesting, which goes a long way when making friends on Discord. Though, free advice, maybe don’t use an anime character as your PFP, or at least not a direct screengrab of one. Just… trust me on this.

Something Jokey

The internet is the land of irony and nonsense, and there’s nothing more fun than fully immersing yourself in that nonsense. Like where else can you find the Mona Lisa dabbing? There’s no shortage of freshly-baked memes cranking out of the online machine every day, so if one tickles your particular fancy, go ahead and use it as your Discord PFP. Just try to keep that sort of thing light-hearted and stay away from anything offensive or controversial. If you’re not sure if your favorite meme would bother someone, that’s probably a good sign you shouldn’t use it.

Something You Made

While perhaps not the most visible means of doing so, a PFP can be a means to show off things you’ve invested creative energy into. Several of my friends are professional animators, and they use their PFPs on a regular basis to show off some of their latest creations.

It doesn’t have to be anything so grandiose, though; maybe you’ve put a silly GIF together or made a mashup of the default Discord avatar and, I dunno, a grilled cheese sandwich. Not only does this show you’ve got some creative chops, but it also shows your affinity for grilled cheese! Or, you know, something besides grilled cheese.

Something with a Message

PFPs on Discord or elsewhere can be used to show support for certain movements and ideologies. Things like pride flags, protest messages, or even temporarily removing your PFP altogether can send powerful messages that show others where your priorities lay. In the same vein as the memes, though, just be mindful of where you do this and how you do it. There’s nothing wrong with speaking out on something you believe in, provided you’re not attacking or belittling others in the process.

In the end, it all boils down to personal preference. If there’s a particular image that really speaks to you, makes you laugh, makes you think, or whatever else, you can use it as your PFP. And if you get bored of it later, you can change it! Heck, I change my Discord PFP every few months just to keep things fresh, and you can do the same. I usually just grab and crop images I like, but there are also sites like that keep a library of PFPs for you to peruse. I mean just take a look at that GIF above.

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