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40+ Badass Discord PFPS

Stand out with these badass Discord PFPs!
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Discord is an online platform used primarily by gamers to communicate with other players. PFPs serve as a personalized avatar for users, allowing them to express themselves and stand out from other members of the community. For example, some people use game avatars like Genshin Impact PFPs. In this article, we will list some cool avatars that will surely get you noticed on any Discord server.

Badass anime character Discord PFPs

Aside from a reflection of your unique interests, anime characters can be powerful symbols that reflect your values, personality, and attitude. With a sleek and stylish anime PFP, you can show off your style and impress other gamers.

ghost in the shellbleach
Demon slayerfate
hellsinghero academia

Badass movie character Discord PFPs

Using a movie character as your Discord PFPs is a great subtle hint to your friends and followers about your interests and taste in movies. Plus, it’s also a great way to strike up conversations with strangers who recognize the character and start conversations about your favorite films.

star warsthor
john wickironman
kick asssuicide squad

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Badass TV series character Discord PFPs

Combining two of the biggest cultural phenomenon of this generation, people can instantly recognize and appreciate your dedication to a show with a TV series Discord PFPs. It’s also a great way to express yourself with minimal effort. With so many characters from different shows to choose from, you have the freedom to pick whichever one makes you feel the most badass!

oliver queen

Badass game character Discord PFPs

Using a gaming character as your Discord PFP is one of the most badass ways to show off your gaming pride. Not only does it take your profile pic to the next level, but it also shows that you’re on top of current gaming trends and have a keen eye for detail. With so many awesome characters to choose from, why not show off your favorite gaming character in your PFP?

devil may crymass effect
FF7tomb raider
warcraftresident evil

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