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How Old is Purah in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Answered

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You may remember Purah from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a technological genius who has been diving deep into the research of anti-ageing. Whilst her outward appearance is incredibly young, her mind is that of great wisdom, with an age of a soon-to-be fossil. Although at first glance, this character appears to be a quirky child who knows a little too much for her ‘age’, you learn that her physique is the cause of an experiment gone wrong. But as Purah makes her return to Tears of the Kingdom, where the pair, Link and herself appear to be in and out of each others lives. But unlike other pairings, these two always find a way to cross each others paths and it always being of great use for one another. But how old is Doctor Purah in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Find out here.

Who is Purah?

We are introduced to Purah as head of an Ancient Technology Lab in which she is experimenting with an Ancient Rune in the hopes to perfect anti-ageing. The plan was to rebirth the Hyrulean Army by making their Veterans young again, thus creating the perfect Army, constantly in their prime to perform at the best of their combat abilities. But with Purah as the original test subject for this anti-ageing Rune, she found that the rate in which the Rune worked was exponential. After only 2 days in the trial, Purah had returned to her 50-year old physique, with her wrinkles gone and more life than ever put back inside her. But the trial did not stop there. Day 3 reversed her back into 30-years old, Day 6 turned her back into her 6-year old self but with her mind left the same.

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At the time of Breath of the Wild Purah had aided Link in their first encounter to be reborn via the Slumber of Restoration. This was over 100 years ago, in which after her experimentation, Purah walks around as a 6-year old girl.

How Old is Doctor Purah?

With the story of Purah outlined in Breath of the Wild, we note that she is indeed over 120-years old at the time of the events in that game. However, in Tears of the Kingdom, Purah has managed to reverse the effect of the anti-ageing Rune, without reverting all the way back into her 120-year old appearance. Now, she stands tall, with an appearance of being in her thirties. We estimate that Purah is approximately 26-30 years old in Tears of the Kingdom. With TofK being set only a couple years after the events in BotW, this would put Doctor Purah’s real age at approximately 128-years old.

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