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Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms: Ranked Tier List

Commanders of history, reunite.
Rise of Kingdoms Commanders
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Times fly, things change, societies will never be the same. Moreover, rulers rise and inevitably fall. In spite of that, they take whatever they have available at the time to make themselves the best commanders of their correspondent timelines. But what will happen if we flatten the terrain and let every historic commander face against each other in equal conditions? Who will be the best of the best? Well, we will probably never know, but we can imagine such a scenario: here is a ranked tier list of the best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Just to be clear, we are only considering the Legendary commanders in this list. Don’t get me wrong, probably a couple of Epic Commanders could help you in the early stages of the game. Over time, however, you will realize that Legendary Commanders outsmart them in every way. And when I say every way, I mean skills like talent builds, speed, troop capacity, attack types, and also the following factors:

  • Defending Cities: ability to defend your city from incoming commanders.
  • Defending Objectives: ability to defend flags, forts, along with Ark of Osiris objectives.
  • Open Field: open field performance, based on survivability, damage output and protagonism in battles.
  • Rallying Cities: ability to attack enemy cities, damage output considered.
  • Rallying Objectives: ability to attack and rally flags, forts, along with Ark of Osiris objectives.

S-Tier Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

SArtemisia I
Guan Yu
Nebuchadnezzar II
Ramesses II
Yi Sun-sin

A-Tier Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

AAlexander the Great
Charles Martel
Constantine I
Cyrus the Great
Edward of Woodstock
Genghis Khan
Leonidas I
Richard I
Takeda Shingen
William I
Wu Zetian
Yi Seong-Gye

B-Tier Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

Cao Cao
Frederick I
Mehmed II
Minamoto no Yoshitsune

C-Tier Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

El Cid
Hannibal Barca
Julius Caesar
Lu Bu

D-Tier Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

DCleopatra VII
Ishida Mitsunari

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Be sure to pick up the best Commanders out of the list above. Since they are all Legendary commanders, you could probably fair good with the ones that are located mid-table, since most of them will be useful in a specific instance of the game. But anyway, good luck and hope you don’t get overwhelmed by the enemy!

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