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Best Ways to Get Gold in Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign

Show me the money! Please?
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The world moves with money, and Knight of Honor 2 is not the exception. Whether to pay for some favors, building or just throw it away in your parties (well, that isn’t included in the game, but a lot of sovereigns have done that in history), gold is necessary in order to bring stability and make expansion possible. There are quite a few ways to successfully create a constant flow of gold to your treasury. Here are the best ways to get gold in Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign.

Best Ways to Get Gold in Knights of Honor 2

Gold income, while not guaranteeing to make you rich in just a few minutes, is something that can be expanded by a good leader. There are several signs that you as a sovereign can do in order to increase your gold income. And yes, preventing it from disappearing due to mismanagement is done by not being a bad guy. Here are the best ways to get gold in Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign;

  • Be sure to have someone governing each of your provinces, which will be the main gold income.
  • Signing trade agreements with powerful and rich nations and sending merchants to those nations is what will guarantee a good source of gold income. You will also be presented with the opportunity to expand your trade and subsequently multiplying your income.
  • Keep your population happy, specially the merchants. If merchants are kept and unhappy, and your crown authority is low, then corruption will go up, and you won’t receive the gold you deserve. Make sure to have good relations with powerful nations by signing new trade and expanding the ones you have.

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Basically, be a good leader and be sure to treat your people with respect. Who would have known! Anyway, be sure to strengthen your relations with other nations and bring the big bucks, my man! Responsibly, of course.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is available now on Windows. If you like Knights of Honor 2, be sure to check out our review of the game here: Review: Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Pleases My Napoleonic Complex.

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