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How to Beat Gawrilla in Lords Mobile

Get Over the Gawrilla!
Lords Mobile
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In Lords Mobile, there are many tough enemies to conquer. Especially when it comes to this RTS game’s unique mode, Monster Hunt. Gawrilla, once known as the Tusker, might not be the most powerful foe you’ll encounter in Lords Mobile, but it’s definitely nothing to scoff at. If you’re struggling to take down the Gawrilla, read on to learn some strategies for emerging victorious.

How to Beat the Gawrilla in Lords Mobile

In Lords Mobile’s Monster Hunt mode, Gawrilla spawns as any ordinary monster would. Once spawned, you’ll have approximately two hours and fifty-five minutes to take it down, lest it disappears. The Gawrilla is strong against high physical defense and weak against intelligence. It dishes out physical damage.

To ensure the odds of success are in your favor, it’s a good idea to stay out of the Gawrilla’s field of vision. Prioritize magic abilities and attack from a distance to avoid taking unneeded damage. If you’d like some suggestions when it comes to heroes, a couple of paid heroes you could utilize are Storm Fox, Incinerator, or Petite Devil. In terms of free heroes, go with Child of Light, Scarlet Bolt, or Trickster.

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In the event of your victory, you’ll acquire four items, all of which make up the Gawrilla Set:

  • Gawrilla’s Rage
  • Brass Ring
  • Mark of Fury
  • Brass Spike

You will also achieve a Hero Chest. Fight smart, and you’ll undoubtedly conquer this immovable beast!

Why Did Gawrilla Get Rebranded?

As mentioned, the Gawrilla was once referred to as the Tusker. It is currently unclear why this name change occurred, but what we do know is that the Tusker only lasted a month before it was rebranded. According to users on the Lords Mobile subreddit, it could be that the Tusker was removed because it resembled the Hindu god Ganesha, but it’s also been said that it was removed for copyright concerns.

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