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Best Cassidy Crosshair in Overwatch 2

draw fast, aim high
overwatch 2 cassidy character grab
Image Via Blizzard

When opting for the best settings and utilization of a character like Cassidy, none can be more important to a gunslinger than the crosshairs. In Overwatch 2 Cassidy keeps up the role of old reliable when you want a quick and hard-hitting mid-range shooter with lots of versatility. Out of many of the optics and scopes for crosshair, Cassidy seems to be the most diverse. You just about can’t go wrong with him. So let’s see which settings for crosshairs are the best for Cassidy in Overwatch 2.

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Cassidy’s Crosshairs

With how versatile he is, there are actually better focus sets separate for circles/crosshairs and dots. Let’s look at circles first. For a good crosshair length, 7 seems to be Cassidy’s lucky number. You can try as high as 10 but he seems to have a perfect circle around the upper middle level and you don’t want the length to be too small. Your center gap range can vary around 5 to 10 and not really affect the length all that much. It will really depend on how focused on singular and centered shots you want to be with Cassidy’s aim.

Overall general occupancy doesn’t seem to bother your aim all that much, but keep the Outline Occupancy at 100%. You can play around and toggle the general occupancy as you see fit. Keep your Scale with Resolution on at all times for this one.

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With a quick look at dots, you can use them alone or with a circle or crosshairs. Your circle stays at 7 at all times, while your dot, with or without, can have a nice big 6-level size and always hit its mark. Always have dot occupancy at 100% and you will always find your aim true with Cassidy having such tight and perfect aim and accuracy. Check out Sombra’s best crosshairs here as well.

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