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Best BXR 55 Battler God Rolls in Destiny 2

How to get the BXR-55 Battler in Destiny 2, and a look at the best rolls for PvP and PvE
Best BXR 55 Battler God Rolls in Destiny 2
Image: GamerJournalist via Bungie

Out of all the new legendary weapons we got in Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event, the BXR-55 Battler is easily the strongest. It’s arguably the only one of the bunch that isn’t a gimmick. 

As a pulse rifle, the BXR-55 is going to be more suited to PvP than PvE. However, there are one or two PvE rolls that might just work, especially since pulse rifles have an Unstoppable mod this season. 

Here’s how to get the BXR-55 Battler and what its god rolls are in Destiny 2. 

How to Get the BXR-55 Battler in Destiny 2

Farming for a BXR-55 Battler god roll is super simple. It’s possibly the easiest top-tier PvP weapon to obtain right now, which is probably why you’re seeing so many of them in the Crucible. 

The new Halo pulse rifle drops from Destiny 2’s Dares of Eternity and the activities surrounding it. Just play through the new content, and you’ll bag a ton of these. 

How to Get the BXR-55 Battler in Destiny 2
Image: GamerJournalist via Bungie

You can also get a BXR-55 drop from Xur’s Treasure Chest. Given that you only need one key to roll one weapon from it, and you get those keys while playing Dares of Eternity which also drops the BXR naturally, you shouldn’t have any problem obtaining a decent roll on the weapon. 

As a pulse rifle, you might expect to look for an Outlaw/Kill Clip roll and call it a day. In fact, according to, that’s what the majority of players are doing. Now, is that particular god roll on the BXR-55 Battler the best? Yeah, probably. But there are a few other interesting rolls that are definitely worth playing around with. 

Things to Consider

Blunt Execution Rounds

Blunt Execution Rounds is a final-column perk that’s unique to the Battler. No other weapon in the game has it. 

The perk gives you bonus Damage and Handling after you hit a nearby enemy with a melee attack. 

Specifically, in PvP, it gives you 100% more damage after you hit an enemy within 14 meters with a melee. That includes all of your melee abilities, by the way, from Throwing Knives to Smoke Bombs. 

Surprisingly, this isn’t all that great in the Crucible. The idea is that you should use the Battler like it was used in Halo way back when, but that doesn’t really work in the current PvP climate. Even with the 100% increase in damage for your follow-up burst, you’re better off just meleeing again for the kill. 

BXR-55 Battler Destiny 2
Image: GamerJournalist via Bungie

In PvE, however, this perk really shines. Rather than giving you a 100% damage increase, it gives you a 500% one. With how easy it is to charge your melee ability with the right PvE builds, you can maintain a solid 30-50% uptime on Blunt Execution Rounds which is pretty insane. 

Legacy PR-55 Frame

The BXR also has a unique frame in the Legacy PR-55. This frame grants the weapon increased Accuracy, Stability, and Targeting while hip-firing, again in an attempt to replicate Halo’s playstyle. 

This weapon archetype works extremely well in Crucible. Given that the Battler has an intense zoom, having that bonus hip-fire accuracy helps it keep up in gunfights that are in the 10-20 meter range. 

While not too relevant in PvE, you should be taking advantage of this in PvP as much as you can. 

BXR-55 Battler God Rolls in Destiny 2


King of Damage

  • Arrowhead Brake. 
  • Accurized Rounds. 
  • Perpetual Motion. 
  • Blunt Execution Rounds. 
Image via D2gunsmith

Arrowhead Brake and Accurized Rounds are going to be on every single BXR-55 god roll that I recommend. The increased Recoil Direction and Range work incredibly well together in both PvE and PvP. If you’re not a fan of my barrel/ammo perk combination, feel free to use your own. The same goes for your Masterwork. I’m partial to Handling on pretty much every primary weapon I use, but you could argue that a Range MW is better here. 

Where the meat and bones of this god roll lies is in the Perpetual Motion and Blunt Execution Rounds perk choice. 

Perpetual Motion is a new perk exclusive to the 30th Anniversary weapons. It gives you a bonus to Handling, Stability, and Reload Speed while you’re moving. You might not think that synergizes with Blunt Execution Rounds, but it does. 

Given that you need a melee hit to activate BER, you’re going to already be moving around the battlefield, meaning your Perpetual Motion buff will already be active as you work your way around enemies trying to keep your 500% damage buff online. 

These two perks will turn your legendary pulse rifle into a monster of a weapon capable of shredding through ads and Majors alike. 

Grenadier’s Best Friend

  • Arrowhead Brake. 
  • Accurized Rounds. 
  • Demolitionist. 
  • Adrenaline Junkie. 
Image via D2gunsmith

The only other automatic weapon in the game capable of this roll is The Last Breath, and that’s actually the weapon and perk combination I use for GMs with Barrier Champions. Farming for that weapon is far more tedious than farming for the BXR-55 Battler, though, making this gun the Grenadier’s new best friend. 

For those unaware, Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie are two grenade-based perks that were clearly made for each other. 

Primary weapons with Demo will generate 10% of your grenade energy on a kill, it also reloads the weapon when you throw your grenade. Adrenaline Junkie gains increased Handling and Damage from kills with grenades and that weapon, all the way up to 33%. 

10% per enemy, including regular red-bars, adds up quickly. Combine that with double Grenade Kickstarter mods, 100 Discipline, and something like top-tree Nova Bomb and you will have more or less 100% uptime on your grenade and on that damage buff. 


The BXR-55 Battler God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake. 
  • Accurized Rounds. 
  • Outlaw. 
  • Kill Clip. 
Image via D2gunsmith

As boring as it may be, this is the BXR-55 Battler god roll. In fact, it’s arguably the best roll for both PvP and PvE. 

There’s just no beating the overwhelmingly strong combo of Outlaw and Kill Clip. Being able to reload ridiculously fast after a kill, and that reload granting you a 33% damage buff, lets you chain kills together like they’re nothing. 

It’s easily the best PvP roll, although an argument can be made against it in PvE. Given that the Battler is a PvP weapon, though, makes this the definitive god roll that you should be chasing regardless of anything else. 

There’s not much else to say or recommend in for this weapon when it comes to PvP. Outlaw/Kill Clip pulse rifles have been the king of the weapon type for seasons and that isn’t changing anytime soon. 

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