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Best Builds in Minecraft Dungeons

Best Builds in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is the new dungeon crawler from Mojang Studios. Players fight their way through dungeons set in the Minecraft universe to level their characters and collect powerful loot. If you want to beat the game on its toughest difficulty and take out the Arch-Illager, you will need to figure out some good item combinations. In this guide, we will show you a few of the best builds in Minecraft Dungeons.

Keep in mind the game just came out this week, so many players are still figuring out how the most optimal build to play. A lot of what defines a good setup is how you prefer to play the game. Some players prefer melee classes, while others prefer magic or range. In Minecraft Dungeons, you can use Enchantments and Artifacts to come up with some unique builds.

Best Builds in Minecraft Dungeons

There are three different primary item slots for your character, including Armor, Melee Weapon, and Range Weapon. You can also hold up to three Artifacts, which are basically your skills. Enchantments are modifiers that you add to each item, and unique items already contain some built-in modifiers that further enhance the item.

A good combination of base items, Enchantments, and Artifacts will make for the best builds in Minecraft Dungeons. Some builds are also better in specific situations, like taking out bosses or leveling. Let’s explore some of the best builds in the game thus far.

Best Leveling Builds in Minecraft Dungeons

As with most dungeon crawlers, leveling up your character as quickly as possible is important. Leveling fast allows you to get your power level up quicker and start finding some items that will last you through most of the game. Some specific builds make leveling a breeze, such as our first Soul Reaper Build.

Frost Reaper Build – Leveling/Solo Build

The first item in this build is the Guardian Bow. It has high base damage along with strong charged attacks and arrows. It also comes with a level two Ricochet Enchantment, allowing the target to bounce between targets for area damage. 

Next up is one of the best armors in the game: Frost Bite. This armor effectively doubles the number of souls you gather, gives you a snowy companion, and adds 30% range damage. The level two Chilling effect also freezes enemies—all of this on a single piece of armor.

Finally, the Frost Scythe weapon has some good synergy with the rest of these items. The base damage might seem low, but it slows mobs and adds +2 Soul Gathering each time you kill an enemy. Shockwave Enchantment allows you to hit multiple enemies at one time.

  • Weapon: Frost Scythe
  • Armor: Frost Bite
  • Bow: Guardian Bow
  • Artifacts
    • Death Cap Mushroom
    • Torment Quiver
Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds - Frost Reaper Leveling Solo Build

Best Bossing Builds in Minecraft Dungeons

If you are after high-quality loot, putting together a good bossing build is a good idea. Serious single target damage allows you to run quickly through any dungeon and melt the boss with ease. 

Rapid Fire Acceleration Bow – Bossing Build

There are two Enchantments in the game that are currently very powerful for bows. Rapid Fire and Acceleration are the two Enchantments we will be taking advantage of for this build. Accelerate increases attack speed on each consecutive shot, while Rapid Fire increases your overall attack speed.

For this build, you want to try and get your hands on the unique Auto Crossbow. You can find it from the weapons vendor, and we found ours in Cacti Canyon, but we’re not too sure about the requirements to find it. Either way, this build revolves around this Auto Crossbow with Rapid Fire and Accelerate.

Outside of the Bow, the weapons and armor do not matter all that much. Throw on some armor that increases your attack damage and any weapon you like using. You will mainly be using the Auto Crossbow to attack and do all of your damage.

  • Bow: Auto Crossbow
  • Weapon: Any
  • Armor: Any
  • Artifacts:
    • Boots of Swiftness
    • Torment Quiver
    • Wind Horn

These are two of the best builds in Minecraft Dungeons so far. We will keep this post up-to-date with newer builds as we come across them. Enjoy!

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