Best Bedrock Servers for Minecraft

Part of playing games online is developing a knack for finding servers that run the game you most enjoy it. For example, in my old Team Fortress 2 days, I couldn’t even play vanilla servers because they were too boring. I needed wacky add-ons and such. If you have a preference for how you play Minecraft, then you’ll definitely want to know about the best possible Bedrock servers.

To clarify, Minecraft exists in two different Editions: Java and Bedrock. The Java Edition is a little more experimental, offering open-source capability for developing mods. However, it can only be played with other Java Edition users, and only on a PC. Bedrock Edition, on the other hand, is much more stable, as it’s designed to be played on a multitude of platforms including Windows 10, mobile devices, and consoles. That stability is also what allows cross-platform play; only Bedrock Edition can make that happen. Of course, to preserve the stability, modding potential is severely limited. So basically, Bedrock Edition is good for new players who are still getting a feel for the game and don’t want too many bells and whistles (or have friends playing on other platforms), while Java Edition is for those who want to get into the nitty gritty of Minecraft’s engine and customize it to their liking.

Best Bedrock Servers for Minecraft

There are servers available for both Editions, but if you’re specifically looking for Bedrock Edition servers, here are a few of the top contenders and their IP addresses for easy connection.

  • NetherGames:

One of the oldest Bedrock servers, NetherGames features a big, active community that caters to lots of different game modes. A good starting point.

  • Broken Lens:

Another highly popular server, offering game modes that are a little wackier than NetherGames.

  • FallenTech:

A simple server, good for players using mobile devices. Even has its own player-run economy!

  • ECPE:

One of the game’s most prolific Factions servers, if you’re looking to make a group activity out of Minecraft, this is the place to be.

  • Euphoria:

A server for hardened survivalists, this is the place to go when you really wanna rough it in the wild.