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Best Baron Rivendare Build In Warcraft Rumble

This Baron will swarm you with skeletons.
Warcraft Arclight Rumble
Image via Blizzard

The lord of the undead, Baron Rivendare, transforms the battlefield into a cemetery by calling out legions of skeletons and absorbing a lot of enemy attacks. The greatest Baron build in Warcraft Rumble, suitable for both PvE and PvP scenarios, will be yours for the taking with the help of our tutorial.

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Best Builds for Baron Rivendare

As much threat as possible should be applied to both lanes using the swarm technique, as Baron Rivendare and the Necromancer have the ability to summon Undead soldiers. With your commander and other units creating an army of skeletons, this composition is meant to overwhelm any opponent.

Baron Rivendare Best Team Composition

Leader – Baron Rivendare

First of all, you place the Baron on one of the Lanes and use his Chill of the Grave talent to summon skeletons. After that, you should place the necromancer with his summons on the other lane. This is a quick breakdown of all available Baron Rivendare’s talents:

  • Death Pact: To be healed, periodically sacrifice a nearby skeleton.
  • Skeletal Frenzy: Adjacent allied skeletons get bloodlust.
  • Chill of the Grave: Bring forth Skeletal Mages rather than Warriors 

Other Units Usage and Placement

Ghoul (Cost 2) – Ghoul is cheap to cast, and it has tons of health, so you should use them often at the start of the matchup. This unit will probably outlive most of the others.

Quilboar (Cost 2) – Quilboar is cheap and can be placed anywhere on the map. The latter property is very useful as you can place it near enemies’ structures and leaders.

Harpies (Cost 3) – Harpies can fly, move fast, and shoot poison. However, they are weak against anti-air measures, so you should deploy them only after your enemy has depleted their anti-air means. Harpies also have Squad talent, which makes them very useful against one-target units.

Necromancer (Cost 4) – After Baron, the Necromancer is the second most important unit in this composition since it can also summon a large number of skeletons. He would be in the lane across from the Baron’s. Furthermore, Necromancer summons significantly more powerful Skeletal Mages rather than regular skeletons.

Gargoyle (Cost 4) – Your Harpies’ backup flying unit is the Gargoyle. It costs more because of its greater health, yet it is just as effective as Harpies. You can accelerate it further by 33% by using Gargoyle’s Wing Buffet talent.

Blizzard (Cost 4) – Since it’s likely that your adversary employs swarm tactics as well, use Blizzard to punish them if you find yourself overrun by opposing units. In addition to punishing the enemy units, Blizzard also slows them down. Like Quilboar, it can also be placed anywhere on the map.

Strategy Tips for Baron Rivedare Build

Baron is not infallible; he has several shortcomings. He is vulnerable, for instance, to Squad troops that can quickly swarm his side of the lane. However, this strategy helps in addressing such shortcomings. It goes without saying that you should select the lane with the fewest enemy towers to place the Baron. You will be able to get to the enemy leader swiftly in that manner.

Baron Rivendare is a unit specialized for swarming tactics and summoning hordes of undead skeletons. For more articles about Warcraft Rumble, you can check out How to Level Up Fast in Warcraft Rumble?

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