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Best Ashe Crosshair in Overwatch 2

Lining up so she can knock'em down
Ashe screen shot overwatch 2
Image Via Blizzard

It’s pretty clear why Ashe is a fan favorite in Overwatch. The cool, calm, and bad-girl gunslinger just ticks all the right boxes for fans of ladies with guns. There’s also the fact that in combat Ashe can be as accurate a close-up as she is far away. With that versatile ability in her arsenal in mind, you’ll need a crosshair setup that will allow her to shine through both in proximity combat and almost sniper-like range. Here’s the best crosshair setup for Ashe in Overwatch 2.

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Setting up Crosshairs

Starting with the center type, going with a circle or crosshairs over a dot is preferred. With her pinpoint long-range accuracy and ability to do close-up scattershots, it’s better to have a central focus with some space. Having that in mind, a Crosshair Length somewhere between the 5 to 7 range works best for her.

Some players are even willing to go without a length altogether because of her scattershot abilities and just use a center gap. If you are going to be more center gap focus, try between 5 and 10. Have a big healthy center gap so you’ve got a chance to utilize Ashe’s full capabilities.

Keep both your general and outline occupancies at 100%. You can go as low as 50% on your general if you’re again focusing more on her wide-range attacks. However, if you want to keep use of both styles of her shooting, keep them at 100%.

Using Dot type

If you’re going the Dot-type route, just keep in mind to go big so you can utilize all her shooting abilities. Go all the way with level 6 size or 5 if you want and that way you can use it for both accurate enough far-away shots or a good gauge of her wide shot blasts. Use full occupancy and don’t forget to keep your Scale resolution on at all times.

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