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Best Amber Farming Spots in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Find that precious Amber with our tips and tricks.
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When crafting and trading in the early game of Tears of the Kingdom Amber is one of the most precious resources you can have. This mineral will be plentiful later on when you discover more areas of the map and fight more challenging opponents but until you reach that point you need to scavenge carefully for Amber.

In our article, we will cover where and how you can get Amber for yourself in Tears of Kingdom. Read on to make sure you never lack Amber again.

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Where Can You Get Amber in Tears of Kingdom?

Amber can be found in a couple of ways in Tears of Kingdom. By breaking mineral ores, finding them in chests, or later on as drops from stone-based enemies. However, since you can’t count on those stone monsters any time soon your best chance is the mineral ores and chests.

As we all know mineral ores and chests can be pretty random so the first advice we can give you is to try and explore every cave you encounter. Caves have mineral deposits and the more of those you break the higher the chances of you finding plenty of Amber.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Zelda Dungeon

However, we do believe that we have struck a mini-amber mine in Tears of Kingdom where you can get plenty of Amber both by opening Chests and by slamming those mineral ores. The location we’re talking about is the entire Great Sky Island. Now, of course, Amber isn’t growing on trees there, but we’ve discovered that we ended up with quite a bit of this mineral in our inventory after looting the place and exploring every cave and chest there.

So if you’re looking to get plenty of Amber early on, hop into the clouds and try out the Great Sky Island. After that, our best advice is just to explore all the caves you encounter either by quest or by accident. Many quests and side-quests will send you to caves so make sure you use the opportunity to fully loot them once there and you should have no problems with Amber.

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