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Best Aesthetic PFPs

Show off your aesthetic with these PFPs.
Image via wepik

Through the looking glass of the online social media world, people are always trying to express themselves at any and every turning point. Profile Pictures (PFPs) provide that much-needed expressionism that people search for, giving everyone the chance to stretch their creative wings and identify with certain thoughts, ideas, or funny cat pictures. With everyone looking to find the best PFPs in their respective categories the question remains: what are the best aesthetic PFPs?

What is an ‘Aesthetic’?

As defined by Oxford Languages, for something to be described as aesthetically pleasing means it is concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. If you are looking for some new profile pictures to show off some beautiful landscapes or satisfying color schemes, these are the best aesthetic PFPs.

As you can see there are a plethora of various PFPs with various types of aesthetics. Perhaps you wanted to rock with a chill, mellow, Lisa with shades vibe. Maybe you wanted to emulate your daily commute on the train to work. From dimly-lit rainy nights to 4 legged feline friends enjoying a crisp cola in the vacuum of space, there are so many choices to be made for the best aesthetic PFPs.

The idea of an aesthetic is very subjective, regardless of what is popular at the time. Be sure to find an image that pleases your mind as well as your eyes. The best aesthetic PFPs can also be divided into even further subcategories. Websites such as provide you with many already created PFPs for you to browse, while others like PFPMaker allow you to create your own. If you are looking for more profile pictures that are best used for Discord or even Genshin Impact specific ones, we have them all for you right here at Gamer Journalist.

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