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Call of Duty: How to become a Zombie in Warzone

Call of Duty: How to become a Zombie in Warzone

Trying to figure out how to transform yourself into a zombie in Warzone? Activision is gearing up to nuke Verdansk in the next few days. It looks like zombies are going to be the reason why. The containment protocol alerts that the COD Blog has been releasing now show Verdansk’s contamination level at 100%, so expect zombies to overrun the entire map in the next few days leading into Warzone Season 3. With containment levels spreading, there are now some radiation zones in specific areas on the map. These new zones offer an opportunity to have a little bit of fun while you’re playing battle royale. Here’s how to become a Zombie in Warzone.

Becoming a Zombie in Warzone

To become a Zombie in Warzone, make sure you’re playing with at least one other person, and find the areas marked with red circles on the map. These are radiation zones, and when you die in one of these areas, you will respawn as a zombie. Make sure you’re not the last one standing on your team when this happens, otherwise it’s game over. If the last human player on your team happens to die, any players who are currently zombies will also die, so don’t get too reckless or comfortable with your new transformation. 

While a zombie, you get access to a charged jump, a gas grenade, and an EMP blast, as well as being able to see enemies highlighted in purple, acting as a type of UAV. You don’t get a shot in the Gulag as a zombie. Although, that doesn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things unless you’re playing a tournament. 

You should enjoy the ability to be a zombie while it lasts. Verdansk is getting nuked back to Kingdom Come soon enough, so don’t miss the opportunity to have some last-minute fun. It’s likely the nuke will tie into the new Warzone map release.

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