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What is the Battlefield Portal?

What is the Battlefield Portal?

One of the best parts of regular online deathmatching is coming up with house rules. Sometimes it’s more stringent stuff like gun limitations, other times you wanna get wacky with it and dump everyone in tanks. Most games provide at least a spattering of customization options, but the new Portal mode of the upcoming Battlefield 2042 is striving to be more than that. So, what is the Battlefield Portal?

Last month, rumors were circulating about an at-the-time unknown new game mode that would be introduced in Battlefield 2042. This new mode, allegedly titled “Battlehub,” would serve as a more open-ended sandbox experience aimed toward veteran players of the Battlefield series that wanted to shake things up a bit. At the time, we weren’t really sure what that actually meant, but with the reveal of Battlefield Portal, now we do: ultimate customization.

What is the Battlefield Portal?

Battlefield Portal features maps and game modes from the entire Battlefield series, including (but not limited to) Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and of course, Battlefield 2042. You can play these maps and modes the way they were originally intended, of course, but if you’re feeling saucy, Portal features a remarkably in-depth customization and editing system that allows you to tweak the rules down to the finest details. 

It’s not just a matter of drop-downs and toggle switches; Portal’s builder allows you to construct entirely new game mods and subroutines from scratch. You can set actions, triggers, commands, and all that other stuff that makes a lot more sense if you understand how coding works. Though, if that’s above you, and certainly above me, there are also plenty of drop-downs and toggle switches you can use to make simple tweaks.

Battlefield Portal will come included in the box with the launch of Battlefield 2042. If you don’t wanna customize stuff yourself, it’ll also come with a community tab where you can browse all of the latest creations and developments. 

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