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Basketball Simulator Codes (October 2023)

Some codes to help you with your three-pointers.
Basketball Simulator Codes
Image via Big League Jams

Updated: September 1, 2023

Basketball Simulator (formerly known as 3 Point Simulator) is all about being the best shooter to bag the rewards. It has simple mechanics which gear you towards landing cracking shots from reputable distances. The deeper you land those three pointers the better rewards you will get. Developing your shooting will advance you into better ranks on the leaderboards.

While raw skill is important, we are here to offer you some free help. You can use codes to earn rewards, which will enhance you further in the game. However, use them as soon as you can, because they tend to expire quickly.

All Codes for Basketball Simulator

Last Checked: July 3, 2023.

We have two categories of codes listed in our guide. The current codes are the ones that work in the game and will present you with rewards. We will update more codes when they are officially released. If you want to get the latest codes, it’s best to bookmark this page.

Current Basketball Simulator Codes

  • ant—x100 Trophies
  • capi—x1000 Coins
  • poke—x1 Double XP Potion
  • wonder—Free Rewards
  • WWN—x3 Double Coin Boosts
  • tweetyball—Free Tweety Ball
  • community—Free Wumpy Ball

Expired Basketball Simulator Codes

  • There are no expired codes in Basketball Simulator at the current moment.

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How to Redeem Codes For Basketball Simulator

Basketball Simulator Codes
Image via Big League Jams

Redeeming codes in Basketball Simulator is very easy. You need to follow the steps we have listed below to get fantastic rewards.

  • Click on the blue pig like face on the right hand side of your screen
  • Click on the “Enter Code Here” box
  • Enter the codes provided under the current code heading in this article
  • Enjoy the rewards

Roblox titles usually give out codes frequently. If you follow our page, you will probably get the latest ones on time. If you like this code guide, check our other resources on codes here. You can get codes for a variety of different games.

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