Base Battles Codes

Roblox Base Battles Codes – Free Tokens, Skins, and More

Get the latest Base Battles codes list and use them to redeem free in-game items, Tokens, and other freebies!

Base Battles is an action-packed Roblox game with vehicles and weapons. Collect tokens by taking out enemies and using them to buy new cars and vehicles. Players can battle it out on various maps across different games modes like Team Deathmatch, Dominations, Capture the Flag, and more. Using Roblox Base Battle codes can unlock free skins, tokens, and exclusive items for the game. See the full list of all working Base Battle codes.

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New codes release all the time, so bookmark this page and check back daily for new updates. We will make sure the list is always up-to-date for you, including the latest working codes.

All Working and Expired Base Battles Codes

Base Battles Codes (Working)

  • winterbreak — Unlocks: 100k Tokens (New)
  • LABORDAY23 — Unlocks: 15k Tokens (New)
  • OURBAD — Unlocks: 50k Tokens (New)
  • 350K — Unlocks: 75k Tokens (New)
  • FREEMONEY — Unlocks: 10k Tokens
  • 325K — Unlocks: 75k Tokens
  • 300K — Unlocks: 50k Tokens
  • Rainster — Unlocks: Rainster limited weapon skin

Base Battles Codes (Expired)

  • CINCO — Unlocks: 18,620 Tokens
  • SPRINGBREAK — Unlocks: 25k Tokens
  • WHOOPS — Unlocks: 25k Tokens
  • PREZ — Unlocks: 50k Tokens
  • OVERTHEMOON — Unlocks: 15k Tokens
  • RAINSTERGIVEAWAY — Unlocks: 25K Tokens
  • DESTROYER — Unlocks: 25K Tokens
  • 250K — Unlocks: Cash
  • 150KLIKES – Redeem code for 25,000 Tokens
  • 200K – 35k Tokens
  • SUMMER – 50k Tokens 
  • BETA
  • 100KLIKES – Redeem code for 15,000 Tokens
  • TURKEY – Redeem code for 7,000 Tokens
  • FIGHTER – Redeem code for 8,000 Tokens
  • MYSTIC – Redeem code for 14,000 Tokens
  • ARCTIC – Redeem code for 4,000 Tokens
  • DEVKING – Redeem code for 3,000 Tokens
  • Follow TheHyb_ and josh_2242 on Twitter for a free skin

How to redeem codes for Roblox Base Battles

To redeem codes for Base Battles, you will need to be following @TheHyb_ and @josh_2242 on Twitter. Enter your Twitter name in the bottom box of the settings menu to verify you are following them. Once verified, you can then redeem codes by entering them into the same box and clicking on redeem.

Base Battles Codes Redeem

How to get free tokens in Roblox Base Battles

To get new codes for Base Battles, you can join the community Base Battles Discord server. The developers post new codes there, as well as on their personal Twitter accounts. The best way to get new codes, though, is to bookmark our page and check back daily. We round them up from all over the place so that you always have them in one convenient location.

Base Battles Game Description

🔥 Make sure to leave a like and invite your friends to play!🔥

Base Battles is a 15v15 action-packed vehicle shooter!

🏃‍♂️ Spawn vehicles and race to the objective!
💰 Collect tokens by eliminating your enemies!
🛩️Use tokens to buy new weapons, cars, planes, and more!
🤝Team up with your friends to dominate the game!

Make sure to join our server to catch sneak peaks of our updates and participate in limited codes!

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