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Auto 9 Weapon Upgrade System Explained in Robocop Rogue City

Auto 9 is good, but it can be even better
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RoboCop: Rogue City puts you in the role of cyber police officer Alex Murphy. Being a cyborg policeman has its own merits. The vast majority of weapons don’t work on you, and you can dish out heavy damage with your trusty gun Auto 9. As powerful as it already is, Auto 9 is also upgradeable.

Auto 9 is one of the instantly recognizable weapons, and it is as iconic as its wielder. When I watched the RoboCop movies I wondered what’s the feeling of using one of those. Over the years we have seen some serious carnage produced by this fully automatic pistol. Now you can imagine the amount of destruction and intimidation you can inflict on criminals with the upgraded Auto 9.

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How To Upgrade Auto 9?

Auto 9 is the only weapon in the game that you can upgrade. The key items for the upgrade are Omni Boards. These boards have chips on them that can boost the stats of the weapon. Of course, different boards provide different upgrades.

The boards contain nodes in three different colors- red, yellow, and green. For a basic stats boost, there are green nodes, and yellow nodes are for special boosts for your weapon. As for red nodes, let’s say you should just avoid powering them up.

How to Get Omni Boards?

In RoboCop: Rogue City, Omni Boards serve as collectible items. You can get them by completing quests, or you can find them inside chests. You can upgrade your weapon in the Auto 9 menu, where you can see all the Omni Boards you collected. Those boards contain chips that you can install in your weapon and make it more powerful and dangerous. On the right side of the Auto 9 menu, you can see the different stats that you can upgrade. Those stats are:

  • Magazine capacity
  • Weapon spread
  • Reload speed
  • Weapon damage
  • Armor-piercing

Omni Board Mini Game

Each Omni Board is like a network of connected nodes that will give your weapon some ability boosts. On your left side, there are chips with various values on them. The interesting thing about these chips is that they can act in different directions. Some of them can activate the nodes on all four sides, and some of them on one, two, or three. Your goal is to light up all the good nodes and avoid all the bad ones by carefully choosing and positioning the chips.

Just place the chip with the openings that will allow the power to flow to other nodes while avoiding the red nodes. Depending on the percentage shown on the chips, some nodes will additionally increase your stats. To gain a higher percentage of chips, you can combine the low percent chips, but I wouldn’t do that early in the game.

If you place the chips in the right places, you can upgrade your Auto 9 into the fearsome tool of justice. For other content related to RoboCop: Rogue City, you can read our articles about All Serve and Protect 1 Location in Downtown in Robocop Rogue City and Best Beginner Skills in RoboCop: Rogue City.

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