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Armored Core 6 Chapter 3 Decisions Explained – What to Choose

Forge your own path.
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Due to my constant need for control, there is nothing scarier than multiple endings that happen due to my own choices. What is the good ending, and what is the bad? Will taking this decision affect the rest of the game? Will it come back to hunt me? How many endings are there and will I have to grind for eternity? Well, if you have the fear of missing out as leveled up as I do, then continue reading. Here are the Armored Core 6 Chapter 3 decisions explained.

Armored Core 6 Chapter 3 Decisions Explained

Armored Core 6 features several moments in which you will have to make decisions in the form of multiple mission choices throughout the game’s chapters. These are called Decision Missions. Each of these Decision Missions will branch out toward three different endings. The Fires of Raven is the bad ending, the Liberator of Rubicon is the good ending, and Alea Lacta Est is the true ending. During Chapter 3, you will be met with two missions to choose from. They will provide both a difference in difficulty as well as different branching paths that will lead to different endings. Here are both missions and what they mean for your story progress:

Armored Core 6 Chapter 3 Decision Missions

  • Eliminate the Enforcements Squads. Out of the two options, Eliminate the Enforcements Squads is the hardest to complete. Not only do you have to build a very capable mech to deal with the difficulty present during the mission, but you will also need to complete it without checkpoints, making death a non-option. Once completed you will be able to branch out to other selections of missions that will lead you to the True, Good, and Bad ending.
  • Destroy the Special Forces Craft. This mission will be less profitable but also significantly easier for you to complete. This mission pick will only lead you to the Good ending.

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What Decision Mission to Choose in Armored Core 6 Chapter 3

Out of these two Armored Core 6 Decision Missions, most of the time you will want to pick the Eliminate the Enforcements Squads. It brings more branching paths for you to take to choose any ending you want. However, if you want to get the Good ending, then pick Destroy the Special Forces Craft mission. It is much easier to complete and you will save yourself some extra headaches.

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