Are There Mods and Cheats in Death Must Die?

Gear up and smash all their bones!
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To make your game experience in Death Must Die even more exciting, you can install various mods and implement some cheats. In that way, you can get perks like unlimited money, invulnerability, higher damage ability, game time adjustment, and many more valuable additions.

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All Mods in Death Must Die

Unlimited Health – As its name suggests, this mod will make you practically untouchable. The dead will attack, hit, and think they’re doing you damage, but since you’ll have unlimited health, it will regenerate after every hit.

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Invulnerable – This is an even more powerful mod than the previous one. This time, enemy strikes won’t even lower your health bar for a second since there is no way for them to hurt you. Maybe you’ll feel a little tickle, and that’s it.

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No Dash Cooldown – With this mod, you’ll always be sliding while fighting the creepy skeletons. If you use it right, it will be extremely hard for them to get you even once. You’ll also successfully evade all of the firestrikes or missiles sent your way.

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EXP Multiplier – When you use the EXP Multiplier mod, every time you strike your enemies or use your special skills, you’ll be rewarded with even more experience points than in the regular mode. So, bring it on!

Super Damage – Do you want to be the strongest among the strongest? With this mod, you’ll get exactly that. When approached by a large group of enemies, one strike will be just enough to wipe out at least a third of them. And with a few more, they’ll be no more.

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Zero Game Time – Are you tired of the game counting your time during every fight? That has come to an end with this useful mod. When you turn on Zero Game Time mod, give yourself as much time as you want to complete your mission and defeat all enemies.

Freeze Game Time – If you don’t belong to the group mentioned in the description of the last mod, there is also a variant to just pause the game time. If you use the Freeze Game Time mod, you can stop the timer at any time you want.

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Game Speed – Need to beat that level ASAP? Now, you can speed up the time during the game, so you can get rid of all the skeletons twice as fast and continue your mission.

Quality of Death – On NexusMods, you can download another interesting mod. It will color the items’ borders based on their rarity, add a hero’s icon on items that are bound to them or can be used only by them, add a coin icon in the shop on items you can afford, and add a footer to items which can be equipped.

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All Cheats in Death Must Die

On Death Must Die trainer via WeMod, there are over 12 cheats for this game. The trainer also supports Steam. Here is the list of all of the cheats available.

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Dashes
  • Set Damage Multiplier
  • One-Hit Kills
  • Stop Timer
  • Set Timer Speed Multiplier
  • Game Speed
  • 100 % Master Boon Chance
  • Set Gold
  • Set Experience Multiplier
  • Set Experience
  • Set Level.

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