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All Characters in Death Must Die

God mode engaged.
Character in Death Must Die
Image via Realm Archive

Death Must Die is one of the few games that literally lets you pick a fight with death (and win)! Death Must Die lets players choose their own god-like powers to descend into the nether and take down Death himself. Unlock cool new heroes, grab awesome items, and mix things up for some wild combos in this rogue-lite hack-and-slash survival game!

As you can likely imagine, Death isn’t the only character you’ll inevitably encounter in Death Must Die. In this hellish, bullet-heavy experience, players will encounter a diverse cast of powerful characters, each bestowed with unique abilities and strengths. Read on to discover the identities of all the elusive characters in Death Must Die!

Death Must Die Full Character List

There are more than a few characters that’ll cross your path in Death Must Die, but they won’t be your average NPCs. The 9 other characters that you’ll encounter in this game are all Gods and Goddesses, most of whom will help you on your journey through the nether.

The 9 Gods and Goddesses that you’ll encounter in Death Must Die are Mort, Summer, Krom, Moirai, Winter, Time, Leigong, Lady Justice, and, of course, Death.

Each of these characters (besides Death) will provide the player with a specific set of Boons, which are upgrades for players in Death Must Die. These upgrades vary from character to character, but they’re all worth collecting. Here are all of the characters in Death Must Die and the Boons they offer:


Mort in Death Must Die
Screenshot via Realm Archive

Mort is Death’s daughter and is, surprisingly, super down with helping you rip her dad a new one. These are the Boons that she’ll offer to help you along your journey:

  • Brevity – Fast attack speeds and skill cooldowns.
  • Crows of Pestilence – Spawn ravens at will that will attack and Curse enemies.
  • Execution – Whenever you manage to overkill an enemy, you have a small chance of gaining a weak experience shard.
  • Mayhem – Gain permanent damage when an enemy dies from being Cursed.
  • Necromancy – Raise skeletons after a certain number of enemies are killed.
    • Skeletons raised from Cursed enemies will last longer.
  • Sickles of Mort – Shoot out damaging sickles every couple of attacks.
    • These flying sickles will deal damage equal to your Attack damage.
  • Soulstealers – Spawn phantoms every couple of attacks.
    • Any enemies that these phantoms phase through become Cursed and will lose a percentage of their life.
  • Swerve – Improved dash.
  • Malady – All dying enemies will spread their statuses to surrounding enemies that don’t have them.
  • Vampirism – Gain life steal from all surrounding sources.


Summer in Death Must Die
Screenshot via Realm Archive

Summer is one of the hottest characters in Death Must Die, and not only because she happens to be the Goddess of Fire. Most of her Boons, predictably, focus on inflicting long-lasting Burns on enemies:

  • Breathe of Fire – Spontaneously breathe fire every couple of attacks that Burns and damages all enemies in front of you.
  • Combust – An explosion automatically erupts after a certain number of enemies are killed, which damages and knocks back all nearby enemies.
  • Heart of Fire – Increased global damage.
  • Incineration – When Burned enemies die, they leave behind a fire that damages other enemies.
  • Meteor Shower – Meteors fall from the sky, Burning the ground and greatly damaging enemies.
  • Path of Fire – Leave a fiery trail everywhere you go that Burns enemies on contact.
  • Zip – Dashes become shorter, but you gain the ability to dash multiple times in a row.
  • Fire Dragon – A red dragon spawns and fights alongside you, damaging and Burning enemies.
  • Gehenna – Gain experience every time you cause damage to an enemy.
  • Inferno – Huge waves of fire explode from your character, damaging and Burning all enemies.


Krom in Death Must Die
Screenshot via Realm Archive

Krom is the grumpy God of Conquest in Death Must Die, and he is super down to clown with taking out Death. Most of his Boons largely focus on knocking back enemies and inflicting the Ruptured status effect on them:

  • Blades – Rotating Blades spawn and fan around you, damaging and Rupturing enemies and pulling them back towards you.
  • Bloodlust – Gain attack seed for each enemy inflicted with Rupture.
  • Chains of War – A rotating chain spawns around you for a limited time once a certain number of enemies are killed. This chain Ruptures and knocks back all nearby enemies.
  • Charge – Improved dash.
  • Knockback – More potent knockback effects.
  • Shurikens – All enemies damaged erupt Rupturing shurikens.
  • War Pact – Reduced enemy armor.
  • Fatality – Deal more damage to enemies with low health.
  • God of War – All damage dealt and taken is increased.
  • Hemorrhage – For each consecutive instance of damage, Rupture’s damage is increased.


Aisa in Death Must Die
Screenshot via Realm Archive

This one’s confusing because it’s actually three Goddesses in an overcoat trying to get into an R-rated movie. Moirai are the Goddesses of Fate, and they’re actually made up of these three individual Goddesses: Aisa, the Carver of Fate, Lachi, the Allotter of Fate, and Clo, the Spinner of Fate. These are the Boons that they offer in Death Must Die:

  • Critical Strike – Attacks have a chance to deal 300% more damage.
  • Fury – Attacks are faster.
  • Haste – Increased movement speed.
  • Might – A wider range of attack.
  • Splinter – More projectiles per attack.
  • Sprint – longer dashes.
  • First Strike – Deal more damage to enemies with full health.
  • Fleet Footed – You can dash more times in a row.


Winter in Death Must Die
Screenshot via Realm Archive

Winter is the Goddess of Cold in Death Must Die, and she’s cute, but she’s also kind of a weirdo. She’s down with seeing Death fall and all, but, like, she’s weirdly into it. Idk, you’ll get it once you interact with her. Anyway, here’s the Boons she offers:

  • Blight – Zones of frost will begin to spawn at random, damaging and Chilling enemies.
  • Dive – Ice shards are thrown each time you dash.
    • These shards apply the Chilled status effect to enemies in addition to dealing damage.
  • Frost Ring – Every few attacks, a ring of frost spawns around you and Freezes enemies on contact.
  • Frozen Treasure – When a Frozen or Chill Immune enemy is killed, there is a higher chance that they’ll drop an item.
  • Icebound – All Immobilized enemies take on more damage.
  • Path of Frost – A trail of frost appears wherever you go that Chills enemies on contact.
  • Thaw – For each Immobilized enemy, your attack damage increases.
  • Wintertide – Increased spell area.
  • Chill to the Bone – Reduces the number of Chilled stacks that are required to completely Freeze an enemy.
  • Hoarfrost – Enemies take increased damage depending on the number of status conditions they are afflicted with.
  • Shatter – All Chilled and Frozen enemies, when at a low enough health percentage, instantly shatter and die.
  • World Freeze – All enemies become afflicted with a stack of Chilled every couple of seconds.


Time in Death Must Die
Screenshot via Realm Archive

Time is the only one on here that you probably wouldn’t imagine yourself getting down and dirty with in private (maybe idk your life. I won’t judge.). Time is, predictably, the God of Time; his Boons are also, predictably, time-based:

  • Alteration Ritual – Gain a random Boon for a limited time every time you gain a level.
  • Deadlock – Spell durations are increased.
  • Force – Increased experience pull area.
    • Whenever an experience shard is pulled through an enemy, the enemy will take damage based on the experience level of the shard.
  • Gem High – Every time you gain an experience shard, for a split second, you will gain speed boosts for your movement, skills, and attack.
    • This refreshes the duration of the stack.
  • The Summoner – The damage of your summons increases permanently every 60 seconds.
  • Time Field – A time field spawns around you that slows all enemies on contact.
  • Vortex – Every time you dash, a vortex spawns that pulls enemies into it.
  • Temporal Lord – Instead of dying, you go back in time.
  • The Taste of Time – All enemies age.


Seigong in Death Must Die
Screenshot via Realm Archive

Sexy man. Zeus could never. Why does it sort of look like he has a six-pack on his chest? Anyway, he’s the God of Lightning, and he’s also probably in a K-pop band. Here’s the Boons he’ll bestow upon all of you lowly peasant mortals:

  • Ball Lightning – Every time you dash, you turn into a damage-dealing ball of lightning, Sonic the Hedgehog style.
    • Ha. Balls.
  • Brevity – Faster spell speeds and cooldowns.
  • Chain Lightning – Every attack has the chance to cause a chain lightning effect.
  • Haste – Increased movement speed.
  • Lightning Bolt – Every time you traverse a certain distance, a series of lightning bolts will rain down upon all nearby enemies.
    • Strike me with your lightning bolts, K-pop daddy.
  • Lightning Orbs – Lightning orbs sporadically spawn on the battlefield. These orbs, after a lengthy duration of time, will explode and damage nearby enemies. Or, you can just hit them, and they’ll go ka-boom anyway.

Lady Justice

Lady Justice in Death Must Die
Screenshot via Realm Archive

Lady Justice is the final Goddess that you’ll face prior to Death in Death Must Die, and hot damn, what a face it is. She wears a blindfold because if any more of her face was showing, we’d all immediately die of thirst. Bring me to justice nether, mommy. Here are the Boons that Her Majesty is willing to grace us unworthy peasants with:

  • Celestial Wings – Every time you dash, you’re penalized with a reduction in attack movement range for a limited duration.
    • No running in the halls.
  • Consecration – Every time you are damaged by an enemy, you will heal back a percentage of the damage you were dealt. Then, you’ll deal the enemy’s damage back to it.
  • Divine Shield – Shields you from an oncoming attack from an enemy and negates all damage. Divine Shield’s cooldown is reduced by your damage resistance rather than a cooldown reduction.
  • Inner Peace – Health is regenerated every second.
  • Protection – Increased armor protection.
  • Purification – More life is restored from heals.
  • Reprisal – If an enemy attacks you, there is a small chance that they will become Smited.
  • Day of Judgement – All of Death’s evil minions are judged “unworthy.”
  • Pandemonium – All of the rarities of your blessings get upgraded.


Dying in Death Must Die
Screenshot via Realm Archive

Yeah, I don’t have a picture of this guy. There is no thirst here. Error 404: no thirst found. As you probably already guessed, Death is the final boss in Death Must Die, and he’s not gonna give you any of those sweet, sweet Boons that you so crave. Instead, you’re gonna have to fight him, and you’re not gonna like it. He’s like the opposite of Santa Claus.

The fact that you’re not allowed to date any of the sexy characters in Death Must Die is absolutely unforgivable. Like, if not dateable, then why date shaped???

Anyway, if your feathers are all ruffled from gazing into the abs and cleavage of all these Gods and Goddesses, then feel free to check out some of our guides for dating sims, like “Can You Date Dwight and Claudette in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim?” or “Can You Date Sym in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist?

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