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Are the Opponents Real in Mario Kart Tour?

via Nintendo / GamerJournalist

Nintendo wants you to believe the opponents are real in Mario Kart Tour, but the truth is they are just merely CPUs. It appears they use real usernames to make you believe you are up against actual humans.

It becomes clear after you think about how quickly the matches start, how you can skip the intro screen, and how lag free the races are. All these things would simply not be possible against actual humans.

Are the Opponents Real in Mario Kart Tour?

No, the opponents are computers at the moment in Mario Kart Tour. It’s unclear whether the game will ever have a true multiplayer, though it is something a lot of people would love to see.

Some players have speculated you are playing against ghosts of real users, but this makes no sense since you can hit them with items. If they were ghosts of actual player races, how could they readjust after being hit with an item?

Nintendo made a smart move by intentionally making the computers look and feel like actual humans. It adds to the immersion, in my opinion, of the overall game to think you are coming in first against actual players. It would be kind of lame as well if they were named CPU1, CPU2, etc…

We are sorry to inform you that you might not actually be in the top 1% of all Mario Kart Tour players because a true multiplayer does not yet exist. Here’s to hoping Nintendo does add some sort of functional multiplayer into the game in the near future!

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