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Apex Legends Voidwalker Event is Live

Respawn Entertainment

The new Apex Legends Voidwalker event is live today and will run until September 17. Explore the new content and try out a limited-time mode for free. Respawn Entertainment is hoping to improve upon their mistakes from the last event.

Voidwalker introduced a new limited-time mode called Armed and Dangerous. This mode uses shotguns and snipers only, allowing players to choose from Mozambiques, Peacekeepers, EVA-8s, Longbows, G7 Scouts, and Triple Takes. Attachments not used for snipers and shotguns are also disabled.

The new trailer gives players a peak into the new Wraith’s town takeover. A portal located in Singh Labs can transport players above the laboratory. We found out Singh held Wraith captive in a recent lore update from the Apex Legends team.

This event also includes a new legendary Wraith Voidwalker skin, as well as other cosmetics for Bangalore and Gibraltar.

September 6th to September 8th will be a bonus XP weekend. This will be a good opportunity to catch up on your Season 2 Battle Pass and explore the new event content.

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