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Apex Legends Valk Leaked

EA & Respawn Entertainment

Data miners are still hard at work this week digging through the patch files from the recent Apex Legends update. A new reveal comes to us today from The Gaming Merchant. The new Apex Legends Valk is also known as the Soaring Aviator.

The Gaming Merchant explained how there is no movement sounds or character models for Valk in the game files. This may mean the character is still heavily under development and won’t be added into the game for the foreseeable future.

The game files do, however, reveal all of Valk’s abilities. She seems to have a focus on aerial movement, which would make sense given her name.

Valk Passive Ability: Afterburners

Valk’s passive ability is called Afterburners and allows her and and her teammates to fly faster while skydiving. This ability is only active after the initial drop into the match.

Valk Ability: VTOL Jets

The VTOL ability allows Valk to hover around. This move was originally an ability from Titanfall 2, which allows the player to hover around for a short time similar to Pharah from Overwatch.

Valk Ultimate Ability: Skyward

Valk and her allies are launched vertically into the air, and can be thought of as a re-deploy ability. Pushing for high kill games requires covering a lot of ground quickly. Her ability will most definitely allow players to do just that, and we could see a new meta evolve when she is released into the game.

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