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Apex Legends Ultra Zones: how do they work?

Apex Legends Ultra Zones
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ War Games is underway, a limited-time event for Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale. One of the more exciting limited-time modes making its way into this event is called Ultra Zones. These zones combine a couple of different LTM elements, making for an action-packed experience. Here’s how Ultra Zones work in Apex Legends, in case you want to know what you’re getting yourself into.

What is Ultra Zones in Apex Legends?

Ultra Zones is a new concept involving multiple hot zones on a single map where players can acquire more epic loot and gold items than traditional modes. Flash Points envelop every hot zone, a returning feature from a season six limited-time mode. Flash Points are massive glowing domes that replenish both your HP and shields when you’re inside of them. Consumable items are, of course, still available as standard.

Hot zones are areas where you can find a plethora of epic and legendary full-kitted weapons at the very beginning of a match. At the same time, Flash Points enable players to auto-generate health and shields, making for some pretty epic and aggressive battles. Players will opt to hit these areas quickly, so get ready with your squad for some instant action.

Not only will you be benefiting from the Flash Point regeneration, but you can also pop some shields, syringes, and kits at any time. You better well make sure you can finish a player off before engaging. Otherwise, they’ll be at full health and shield in no time.

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