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Apex Legends Twitch Prime Octane Skin

Twitch Prime & Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has partnered with Twitch to release a new Octane skin named Whiplash. The new Whiplash skin features Octane in a red outfit with gold trim and golden goggles.

Apex Legends players with Twitch Prime memberships can redeem this Twitch exclusive easily. Head over to the Twitch Prime Apex Legends exclusives page and Claim your reward. The offer is only available for a limited time, so be sure to claim it within the next few days.

Users without Twitch Prime can easily register for their account as long as they are a Amazon Prime member. To do this you will need to link your Twitch account to your Amazon account. Follow the official guide on Twitch if you are having trouble.

The Whiplash Octane skin was first seen back in July after an unintentional bug caused the skin to sometimes appear on the selection screen. Wattson and Bangalore also had Twitch exclusive skins released earlier in the promotion. Mirage will be the final Legend skin in this promotion.

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