Apex Legends Twitch Prime Gilded Rose Revenant Skin

Apex Legends and Twitch Prime have a history of partnering for exclusive in-game cosmetic items. To celebrate the launch of Season 4, it looks like Apex Legends will once again be sponsoring some Twitch Prime drops with a new Revenant skin.

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Apex Legends Twitch Prime Revenant Skin

Twitch / Amazon

Twitch Prime has confirmed on their website they will be doing an exclusive Apex Legends skin drop on February 7th, 2020. Like all Twitch Prime loot drops, users will need to be Twitch Prime members in order to claim the skin.

According to the description, the new skin is a Gilded Rose Revenant skin. Revenant is the new legend that has been introduced into the game as of Season 4: Assimilation. Revenant is a legendary hitman with some deadly abilities.

The new skin, pictured above, was leaked courtesy of That1MiningGuy on Twitter.

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